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HR professional
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HR professional
HR professional
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HR coordinator

Entry level

Aided the HR manager with new staff hiring and a wide range of administrative tasks, including but not limited to scheduling and conducting interviews, screening resumes, performing applicant background checks, preparing job descriptions, and developing and steering training programs for new and existing employees. 

  • Instrumental in the development and implementation of revolutionary new staff hiring and vetting strategies that reduced cost-per-hire by 30%
  • Facilitated informed decision-making by the senior HR leadership by maintaining an up-to-date database on all events, including recruitments, terminations, leaves, transfers, and promotions.

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HR generalist

Entry level

Streamlined the documentation process of the organization ensuring that employees did not have to face delays in securing company benefits due to irregularities in their documents.

  • Lined up interviews for the hiring of the new technical department ensuring that needs of the department in met while shortlisting of candidates.
  • Monitored exit interview process to ensure turnover rates stay below 20% in a year.
  • Implemented training calendar module so employees can manage training they wish to take and ensure that their development in top priority.
  • Developed a virtual training mechanism to ensure employees have clarity on the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Managed the pre-interview process of the organization to ensure that existing talent in the organization is fully utilized.

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HR specialist

Entry level

Assisted in new staff hiring by creating detailed job posts, screening resumes, and performing exhaustive background checks. Generated and updated employment records concerning staff recruitment, transfers, promotions, resignation, and employment termination. Completed and processed new hire paperwork. 

  • Strengthened compliance by educating new and existing staff on the HR policies, company procedures, and regulations.
  • Took part in the new staff induction process by outlining each position’s duties, responsibilities, benefits, schedules, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc.
  • Enhanced staff welfare by promptly addressing and resolving all work complaints and harassment allegations.

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