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UX designer


Undertook user interview sessions, gathered requirements details, designed use situations, created workflow charts, developed a hierarchical system for apps, and generated mock-ups for illustration.

  • Established communication with software engineers, industry experts, and dispatch supervisors to enhance our solutions.
  • Convinced clients to adopt visually appealing design concepts for user friendly experience.
  • Provided graphics for the web application and crafted different design options for the banner illustration.
  • Took part in every phase ranging from gathering requirements to client interviews and performance evaluation.
  • Remodeled and redesigned websites to meet the company's goal of retaining the customer base.
  • Maintained the site's appearance and assisted the business in boosting its quality content.

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Graphic designer


Effectively manage graphic design projects from theory to finish. Engage closely with clients to create designs and consistently achieve requirements and deadlines. Efficiently put together, motivate, and supervise design and production teams.

  • Furnish proposal design for two-million-dollar corporate clients operating under very tight deadlines.
  • Complete client projects, pleasing all stakeholders, worth up to $510,000.
  • Coordinated graphic designer staff participation in artistic community-sponsored charitable events.
  • Forged effective relationships with designers, primary clients, vendors, and significant stakeholders.

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Video editor

Entry level

Managed and completed projects with the right colour, contrast, and exposure keeping up the smooth voice and frame transformations.

  • Collaborated with clients to plan, create, and amend spots and programs.
  • Interacted with the client to produce the customized final products.
  • Revised and edited documentaries, advertisements, telecasts, transmissions, and corporate promotion videos.
  • Assisted other teams in the development of a live video feed.
  • Rechecked edited videos for errors and made necessary corrections.
  • Added music sound effects and inserted subtitles for the dialogues in the video clips.
  • Worked in groups and independent setups in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.

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Video editor


Diligent Video Editor skilled at producing video editing projects per budget and time parameters. Complete knowledge of Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut. Very skilled in cutting and blending scenes seamlessly.

  • Interfaced with teammates, maintained schedules, and adhered to deadlines to support production activities.
  • Developed and oversaw projects from initial idea to completion including employing storyboards, post-production editing, and final delivery formats.
  • Evaluated and selected scenes for entertainment value, continuity, pacing, trim shots, followed by editing content.
  • Advised as video consultant for direction on scripts, stories for video production, improving team communication and production pipelines, and reducing budgets.

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Creative role requiring collaborative skills to work in harmony with film director and sound engineers to achieve a tonal harmonic balance that elevates movies.

  • Study scripts and character progressions to compose music that elevate scenes and evoke emotions.
  • Consult with directors and producers to determine placement of musical cues and harmonize artistic vision.
  • Rewrite original scores to adapt them for different musical genres and styles.
  • Determine instruments, musical styles, rhythms, and patterns that would most effectively evoke the desired responses.

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Music teacher

Entry level

Has a real love for music and possesses very good musical ability. Specializes in brass instruments. Dedicated to helping young students find areas in music where they can thrive.

  • Was a teacher’s aide in teaching trumpet and trombone to fifth graders in Chicago, IL.
  • Helped organize a Christmas program and concentrated on teaching second to fourth graders in learning and singing the songs.
  • Introduced sixth graders to some of the basics in music including rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, tone color, texture, and form.
  • Helped in the creation of a music history program for 150 middle-school children.

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Entry level

Performing Arts graduate with 1 year of experience in acting. Seeking to leverage educational background and experience to excel further in the performing arts industry.

  • Studied and rehearsed roles from scripts to interpret and memorize lines.
  • Background role on Amazon’s A Boy Named McCoy currently in pre-production for second season.
  • Audition for features and book supporting roles during shooting breaks.
  • Booked a Viagra commercial for the web.

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Commended for portraying a wide range of emotions using body movements, posture, facial expressions, calm speech, gestures and the likes. Utilized social media to communicate with fans of ongoing work to maximize attendance.

  • Researched and developed method of memorizing scripts to memorize all lines verbatim.
  • Participated in cast group meetings and dress rehearsals before filming start.
  • Provided help to the crew during casting calls to assist in the selection of suitable workers that will be on set.
  • Represented the cast at press interviews and events as the star actor.

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Diligent copywriter with 4 years of experience writing eye-catching cross-channel copy for newsletters, press releases, web content, and advertising materials.

  • Expanded the international reach of the business by composing an online newsletter sent out to prospects across 40 countries.
  • Offered advice to clients on content and social media strategies to recruit customers, improving their social traffic by 27% in one year.
  • Boosted consumer awareness scores by 12%, grew market share by 3% and increased sales by 7% within one year.
  • Oversaw many aspects of landing page creation, from copywriting to constant Conversion Rate Optimization through data-driven A/B testing.

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Enthusiastic multi-lingual translator with 3 years of experience in French-English translations. Stay current with latest French-language idioms and cultural references.

  • Performs an array of translation and interpretation duties from French into English, including localization, written texts, audio files, internationalization, and live speaking translations.
  • Arranged concurrent translation during corporate meetings to allow English-speaking audience members to participate in French-language events.
  • Translated text projects, including legal documents, website content, news articles, and corporate reports.
  • Successfully translated over 400 complete projects, ranging from documents to entire websites, from French to English.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples


Diligent and enthusiastic Entry-Level Graphic Designer with excellent project design abilities and innovative creative thinking. Able to multitask with end result of bringing many graphic design projects to completion with accuracy, efficiency, and consistently meeting deadlines. Can both work as a member of a professional graphic design team or independently. Superb oral and written communication skills. Committed to continuous learning.

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Prolific Photographer, passionate about highlighting the subjects of my lenses in the best way possible, whether it is people, or products. With over 5 years’ professional experience, I have developed a distinct approach to working collaboratively with clients and other professionals in the field to create the best images.

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Enthusiastic and passionate Musician with a year of experience in orchestra performance. Well-versed in playing the violin, cello, trombone, and piano. Nurtured talent under the legendary Mr. Jackson at the New York Music & Art Institute. Brings strong teamwork skills, exceptional communication ability, and the ability to stand for long periods.

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Reactive, empathetic actor skilled in utilizing attention, memorization, and improvisational abilities during high-pressure performances. Adaptable and charismatic performer. Team player, able to take direction well and make adjustments as needed.

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Expert and dynamic copywriter with broad experience and strong skills in copy editing, content writing, and content marketing. Specialized knowledge of proactively arranging, scheduling, and managing inadequacies to improve overall results. Excellent writing skills with a keen eye for precision and reliability and capability to work well with people at all levels of administration and with teammates.

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Objective examples


Enthusiastic Junior Graphic Designer seeking a position within a reputable organization to utilize and hone skills in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

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Creative photographer seeking a new position within a reputable company to utilize a solid aesthetic flair and 7+ years of professional photography experience in creating award-winning images.

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Accomplished musician with a deep understanding of music, looking to secure a position at Revain Studios to contribute towards to the company’s goals of creating exceptional and captivating music for movies and videos.

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Young stage actor with 2 years of experience seeking theatre to leverage skills and theatrical education for a company that will help further develop my performance abilities. Hard-working and dedicated to helping fellow actors and actresses perform at their best.

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Multi-talented copywriter, renowned for captivating and informative copies composition through in-depth research, creativity, attention to details, and understandable, on-brand content. Ready to work or collaborate with other professionals to build compelling copies and increase revenue.

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