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Entry level

Performing Arts graduate with 1 year of experience in acting. Seeking to leverage educational background and experience to excel further in the performing arts industry.

  • Studied and rehearsed roles from scripts to interpret and memorize lines.
  • Background role on Amazon’s A Boy Named McCoy currently in pre-production for second season.
  • Audition for features and book supporting roles during shooting breaks.
  • Booked a Viagra commercial for the web.

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Innovative artist/sculptor with a portfolio of work that spans four years. Portfolio includes exhibitions in four Northeastern states. Planning a solo artist show.

  • Currently have three clients for commissioned pieces.
  • Designing pieces for the San Francisco Art Museum local artist exhibit.
  • Produced two creative sculptures for the Chamber of Commerce exhibition solo show.
  • Filled in as a substitute teacher for a sculpture class.

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Art director

Entry level

Assisted with layout and mock-ups for new client discussions and prepared projects for completion with Pre-Press.

  • Worked with senior art directors on assigned projects and secured a few client assignments of my own.
  • Directly worked on the projects, including direct mail pieces, banquet items, and yearly reports.
  • Developed promotional graphics for both below and above the line.
  • Followed business requirements, cooperated with other creative directors and companies, and reworked previous graphics to match new marketing criteria.
  • Worked exclusively with photographic artists, editors, and photo labs to get appropriate prints or computerized documents.
  • Resized promotions and made mechanical improvements to formats.

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3D Artist


Resourceful and inventive 3D Artist with 4+ years of experience producing top-level 3D models for clients in technology, digital media, and gaming industries. Able to consistently convert clients’ ideas into beautiful renderings that match their specific requirements.

  • Design a variety of 3D assets, animations, textures, and models, then construct them with Autodesk 3DSmax.
  • Created and developed interactive digital renderings for prominent clients including Burger King, Honeywell, and Nike.
  • Efficiently worked on 7+ projects per week with shifting requirements while dealing with tight deadlines and budgets.
  • Created a variety of organic and hard surface models, ensuing accurate scaling of assets and models following real-world actualities.

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Graphic artist


Hard-working Graphic Artist with ability to develop distinctive custom artwork. Innovative perspective on concept development. Offers 6 years of experience managing individual projects and corporate brand development collections.

  • Developed collateral including marketing and packaging materials to drive product branding strategies.
  • Created innovative designs for print materials, marketing packages, banners, signs, and brochures.
  • Worked closely with clients and vendors to establish project scopes, define requirements, and adhere to project milestones.
  • Prepared and wrote instructions for company manual for several job roles.

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Commended for portraying a wide range of emotions using body movements, posture, facial expressions, calm speech, gestures and the likes. Utilized social media to communicate with fans of ongoing work to maximize attendance.

  • Researched and developed method of memorizing scripts to memorize all lines verbatim.
  • Participated in cast group meetings and dress rehearsals before filming start.
  • Provided help to the crew during casting calls to assist in the selection of suitable workers that will be on set.
  • Represented the cast at press interviews and events as the star actor.

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Entry level

Skilled artist beginning a portfolio of work. Portfolio includes critical reviews of work. Shot 3 weddings. Currently shooting landscapes.

  • Contributed landscape pieces to an exhibition at the Santa Monica art museum.
  • Scheduled to shoot scenery at Monument Valley for an exhibition in San Luis Obispo.
  • Referrals from wedding clients resulted in two more weddings scheduled for upcoming month.
  • Signed up for classes in oil painting and watercolors.

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Art director


Proven success as Art Director directing and implementing wide range of revenue-generating design projects from theory to distribution. Easily translates business requirements into successful marketing campaigns. Intuitively adapt to new technology and innovative processes.

  • Provided concept design and creative vision for $1.7M retail contract while meeting strict deadlines.
  • Greatly expanded online presence by leveraging talent for market trend analysis and contemporary design. This caused a 165% revenue increase in several channels.
  • Received credit for providing powerful, focused design concept promoting launches of three new specialty branches.
  • Credited for proactively facilitating brand-increasing community events throughout Michigan.

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Attained supporting roles in films Westside Story and The Courier and television shows Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. Grew talent agency’s client list after booking work in four high-profile commercial campaigns.

  • Received good reviews from Variety magazine for portrayal of character Dan in Zero Dark Thirty.
  • This review enabled me to be cast as Hobar in film Allied.
  • For Seaworld Parks & Entertainment in Orlando, FL, delivered exceptional service as an actor in 2-4 shows daily, performing in a parade in various character costumes.
  • Contributed to increasing Chase’s market share by 2 percent after modeling in multiple photoshoots for 2020 multimedia ad campaign.

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High-energy dancer with 9 years of theatre experience including classical training. Portfolio includes studio, theater, and television production work. Skilled in classic dance but can adapt to any style or situation for production purposes.

  • Toured with the Joffrey Ballet for four years.
  • Choreographed several numbers for community classes.
  • Starred in three productions, latest role as Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty.”
  • Taught two classes on intermediate and advanced ballet.
  • Taught two classes on tap, jazz, and hip hop.

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