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UX designer
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UX designer
UX designer
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UX designer


Undertook user interview sessions, gathered requirements details, designed use situations, created workflow charts, developed a hierarchical system for apps, and generated mock-ups for illustration.

  • Established communication with software engineers, industry experts, and dispatch supervisors to enhance our solutions.
  • Convinced clients to adopt visually appealing design concepts for user friendly experience.
  • Provided graphics for the web application and crafted different design options for the banner illustration.
  • Took part in every phase ranging from gathering requirements to client interviews and performance evaluation.
  • Remodeled and redesigned websites to meet the company's goal of retaining the customer base.
  • Maintained the site's appearance and assisted the business in boosting its quality content.

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UX designer

Entry level

Took four community college courses to gain knowledge in UX design and information architecture. Completed two internships and one externship to gain hands-on experience in conducting usability tests.

  • Produced CSS, XHTML code, and wireframes that contributed to user-centered design (UCD) efforts for fifty+ Web pages.
  • Completed user research to identify opportunities for improving Delta Corps Web presence.
  • Replaced ambiguous objectives with clear calls to action, increasing Delta Corps’s sales pipeline by 13%.
  • Created more intuitive and easy-to-comprehend site navigation by eliminating unnecessary clicks and misleading labels.

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UX designer


Comprehend and internalize corporation’s brand strategy and conceptualize ideas through visualizations that connect the customers and end-users. Brings robust, user-centered design skills and business acumen to translate complicated multilevel workflows into exceptional design solutions.

  • Highly experienced in UX/UI design within an agency setting. This includes 7+ years including graphic and other design experience
  • Works with multiple stakeholders daily and can communicate what the design solves and justifies the solution. Stakeholders included Product Management, Development, Design, and Vendors.
  • Participate in user research employing industry-accepted documentation and methodologies including market research, interviews, competitive audits, user personas, user journeys, scenarios, and card sorting.
  • Create medium-fidelity wireframes, information architecture, and clickable prototypes that realize the vision from assembled product and user research.

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UX designer


Conducted heuristic evaluations, usability tests, and benchmarking analysis on apps and heating products. Presented findings and design improvement recommendations to designers, engineers, product managers, and upper management.

  • Created a desktop dashboard for sales forecasting for a client, employing user research and usability test findings.
  • Collaborated with developer teams and directed several cross-media projects involving UX/UI design, illustrations, and branding for academic institutions and startups.
  • Worked as the UX lead person for offline and office editing in Sheets & Slides and Docs.
  • Developed JavaScript prototypes for pressure studies. Facilitated design review and oversaw production specs. Coordinated with stakeholders across 4 apps.

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