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Diligent copywriter with 4 years of experience writing eye-catching cross-channel copy for newsletters, press releases, web content, and advertising materials.

  • Expanded the international reach of the business by composing an online newsletter sent out to prospects across 40 countries.
  • Offered advice to clients on content and social media strategies to recruit customers, improving their social traffic by 27% in one year.
  • Boosted consumer awareness scores by 12%, grew market share by 3% and increased sales by 7% within one year.
  • Oversaw many aspects of landing page creation, from copywriting to constant Conversion Rate Optimization through data-driven A/B testing.

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Diverse role emphasizing a blend of research and creative writing skills to successfully produce fictional and non-fictional works.

  • Write fictional stories efficiently under strict deadlines, covering a wide variety of topics.
  • Thoroughly research subject matter to ensure precision of elements of the story like the historical accuracy, fashion and locations.
  • Work with publishers to approve the cover design of prints.
  • Attend book signing and book reading events to promote new works.

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Enthusiastic multi-lingual translator with 3 years of experience in French-English translations. Stay current with latest French-language idioms and cultural references.

  • Performs an array of translation and interpretation duties from French into English, including localization, written texts, audio files, internationalization, and live speaking translations.
  • Arranged concurrent translation during corporate meetings to allow English-speaking audience members to participate in French-language events.
  • Translated text projects, including legal documents, website content, news articles, and corporate reports.
  • Successfully translated over 400 complete projects, ranging from documents to entire websites, from French to English.

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Content writer


Dynamic role involving analytical skills as well as communication with clients to ensure write-ups meet all creative requirements and drives traffic to client’s sites.

  • Research and submit interesting write-ups for clients, ensuring to meet all creative requirements.
  • Track weekly site ranking and visits through Google Analytics and SEMrush to improve organic searching.
  • Routinely develop 30 pieces of targeted website content using SEO keywords drawn from Google Analytics and post using MySQL and FTP.
  • Certify quality of content and proof for grammatical proficiency while overseeing content writing team and delegating workloads for maximum productivity.

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Copy editor

Entry level

Worked within a team of experts to develop a distinct, easily recognizable brand voice.

  • Participated in weekly editorial meetings.
  • Facilitated productive operations by supporting writers to improve brand voice and core writing quality by assisting with research and fact checking.
  • Conceptualized interesting and captivating columns and publishing ideas that hold the attention of readers.
  • Polished writing and editing skills, while paying attention to spellings and style guides.

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Multilayered role encompassing project management, client management and research skills to drive multiple projects to successful completion. Delivered on publication-ready proofread articles which perfectly convey client’s vision and brand’s message.

  • Maintain the grammatical integrity of articles covering various topics and implemented editorial standards and guidelines.
  • Work on high-profile copywriting projects and marketing communication materials, guaranteeing editorial consistency in language, grammar, brand voice, and design standards.
  • Conducted final editing and provided final sign-off on projects before publication.
  • Lead a team of 5 professionals to manage work schedules and efficiently delegate workload to optimize productivity and meet set deadlines.

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Creative writer


Motivating role which encouraged progressive growth through diversity in work scope. Worked closely with clients to develop copies suited to different audiences.

  • Conduct extensive research before and during the writing process.
  • Prepare material for assignments, which includes planning, outline, and synopsis.
  • Attend feedback sessions and implement suggested modifications by the client, publisher or editors.
  • Conduct thorough fact-checks to ensure a cohesive flow of all writing produced before final submission.

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Motivated mostly by my passion for content creation, I persistently learned new social media management techniques to reach a bigger audience while delivering premium content. Reached over 4 million followers.

  • Write original and informative content for my blog
  • Personally manage my successful accounts on all social media platforms, curating interesting content to keep my 4 million followers engaged.
  • Routinely contribute 4 features to the food diaries, food bible and thou shall eat, local publications dedicated to food content.
  • Leveraged technical skills in adobe Photoshop to create eye-catching graphics for articles and blog posts.

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Content manager


Challenging role requiring continuous innovation in the development and execution of content to increase engaging within a rapidly evolving industry.

  • Appointed as a key committee member responsible for developing web & app platforms.
  • Develop and implement global communication strategies for online channels website, social media & apps.
  • Optimize engagement across social media channels by launching strategic campaigns and leading creative department to build successful and objective driven digital marketing content.
  • Leverage existing social media tools to analyze data and quickly address any issues, pinpoint opportunities for improvement while adapting to trends in digital communications and marketing.

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Entry level

College graduate attaining Magna cum laud in English. Has extensively reviewed editing work produced by other professionals. Adept at a range of communication formats including blogs, emails, headlines, feature articles, and social media.

  • Write well-received blogs and Instagram copy for social media marketing that combines traditional and new media.
  • Wrote online articles that currently receive 1K hits per month.
  • Research and analyze topics for business and brand development.
  • Produced web copy for the business and wrote SEO-focused articles, which increased web traffic by 10%.

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