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Copy editor
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Copy editor
Copy editor
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Copy editor

Entry level

Worked within a team of experts to develop a distinct, easily recognizable brand voice.

  • Participated in weekly editorial meetings.
  • Facilitated productive operations by supporting writers to improve brand voice and core writing quality by assisting with research and fact checking.
  • Conceptualized interesting and captivating columns and publishing ideas that hold the attention of readers.
  • Polished writing and editing skills, while paying attention to spellings and style guides.

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Copy editor


Maintained a 100% satisfaction rate while working with a variety of client to ensure homogeneity of writing styles, ensuring to keep communication lines open during each step of the work process.

  • Maintain the grammatical integrity of articles while working with new writers to help them improve their research and article development skills.
  • Execute in-depth research on topics and documents to proofread to come up with creative headlines and lead-in sentences that grab the attention of readers.
  • Leverage relations and communication skills to develop great working relationships with writers and clients.
  • Study specified target audience of clients to develop exciting copy for website landing pages, company branding and other content that resonate with the target audience.

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Copy editor


Multifaceted role encompassing leadership, and business management skills in support of a fast growing magazine.

  • Successfully increased market share by undertaking a total rebrand of the magazine, within budget restraints, with a focus on improving photos and graphics, and layouts, as well as digital and print quality.
  • Achieved a 50% increase in operational efficiency and productivity within the department by creating a work environment that encourages creative ideation and cross-functional team collaborations.
  • Leveraged Social Media Management Tools to increase the outfit’s online presence, online reach and engagement by 70% by developing engaging content suitable for a broad audience base.
  • Successfully position The Monthly Diary as a reputable outfit within the society by employing Networking & Relations Expertise to nurture strategic partnerships with contributors, sponsors and relevant companies.
  • Coordinate all logistics for meetings and promotional or sponsored events.

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