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Graphic designer


Effectively manage graphic design projects from theory to finish. Engage closely with clients to create designs and consistently achieve requirements and deadlines. Efficiently put together, motivate, and supervise design and production teams.

  • Furnish proposal design for two-million-dollar corporate clients operating under very tight deadlines.
  • Complete client projects, pleasing all stakeholders, worth up to $510,000.
  • Coordinated graphic designer staff participation in artistic community-sponsored charitable events.
  • Forged effective relationships with designers, primary clients, vendors, and significant stakeholders.

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Denver-based Product Designer with focus on social gaming and education. Successfully deals with user-flow challenges for Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP game.

  • Design million-dollar Google enterprise product with an emphasis on advertiser workflows and usability.
  • Produce mocks that are pixel perfect for engineering implementation.
  • Work with other designers and engineers to ensure consistency with different products in the platform.
  • Create sketches and mocks to communicate interactions to engineer, marketing, and company website for game Monument Valley.

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Fashion designer

Entry level

Broadened the creative vision through extensive travel knowledge of various histories and customs, adapted and improvised to situations due to diversified work experience, and handled multiple projects at a time, ensuring precision and accuracy.

  • Devised costume chart for all characters as the requirement of the scenes in plays & fashion shows.
  • Created final color illustrations of each costume's style with accessories and significant features.
  • Adhered to the budget and performed the appropriate purchases to accomplish the show's costume plot.
  • Monitored the costume crew in altering and repairing any costumes.
  • Organized and attended dress rehearsals with pre-informed timings, meetings, and individual counseling.

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UX designer


Undertook user interview sessions, gathered requirements details, designed use situations, created workflow charts, developed a hierarchical system for apps, and generated mock-ups for illustration.

  • Established communication with software engineers, industry experts, and dispatch supervisors to enhance our solutions.
  • Convinced clients to adopt visually appealing design concepts for user friendly experience.
  • Provided graphics for the web application and crafted different design options for the banner illustration.
  • Took part in every phase ranging from gathering requirements to client interviews and performance evaluation.
  • Remodeled and redesigned websites to meet the company's goal of retaining the customer base.
  • Maintained the site's appearance and assisted the business in boosting its quality content.

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Creative director


Fully involved in branding, contract negotiation, design roadmap for sales and marketing, while providing general counsel to clients. Skyrocketed company sales (+30%) by focusing on sales and contracts deals.

  • Trained newly employed staff on the core areas where their services are needed.
  • Served alongside other senior management team responsible for company's fiscal and daily operational duties.
  • Recently developed copywriting skills which have been instrumental to my creative ability, this skill have been used to develop contents that have convince hundreds of people to patronize client's brands.

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Experienced and versatile illustrator with 8+ years of experience, and computer graphics and cartoon expertise. Developed 2D and 3D vector diagrams and illustrations for mid-level graphic agencies and earned positive reviews for high-quality work.

  • Applied lighting techniques and color theory in illustrations to add focus, vibrancy, and depth.
  • Developed illustrative designs employing company standards, mathematical formulas, and customer specifications.
  • Worked with marketing and support departments to create high-quality images and illustrations for many projects.
  • Advertised and sold drawing pieces at markets statewide and established all piece pricing on customer demand, raw material costs, and labor costs.

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3D Artist


Resourceful and inventive 3D Artist with 4+ years of experience producing top-level 3D models for clients in technology, digital media, and gaming industries. Able to consistently convert clients’ ideas into beautiful renderings that match their specific requirements.

  • Design a variety of 3D assets, animations, textures, and models, then construct them with Autodesk 3DSmax.
  • Created and developed interactive digital renderings for prominent clients including Burger King, Honeywell, and Nike.
  • Efficiently worked on 7+ projects per week with shifting requirements while dealing with tight deadlines and budgets.
  • Created a variety of organic and hard surface models, ensuing accurate scaling of assets and models following real-world actualities.

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Graphic designer

Entry level

Outstanding drawing and sketching abilities. Very familiar with aesthetic design concepts and layout skills. Design and develop client websites for a wide variety of careers.

  • Create custom logos for internet websites per customer preferences.
  • Assess final layouts and suggest improvements and upgrades as necessary regularly.
  • Takes part in visual media component creation for TV, film, and magazines.
  • Guides other graphic design team members when called upon.

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Guide and mentor other designers on the team. Staying up to date with design industry evolution including technologies, best practices, and new trends. Develop new research and test hypotheses that result in leading-edge design solutions.

  • Manage all development across departments with product development and design assistants to ensure the quality of information available for manufacturing.
  • Supervise product development teams to create new designs for conceptual analysis.
  • Organize design development which includes initial development, artwork, fabric worksheets, line list, and finalized tech pack.
  • Present work to CEOs and managers and an array of stakeholders to upgrade work based on their feedback.

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Fashion designer


Worked for apparel and wedding dress makers, as well as design and alteration businesses, possesses extensive design experience, and personalized and tailored wedding and evening gowns with a unique design.

  • Made alterations and adjustments in any fabrication or design.
  • Controlled and supervised the entire store to manage employees.
  • Allocated and adjusted daily duties and actions by appointing   labor, estimated work orders, and interacted with customers.
  • Acquired materials to keep the store functional for clothing alterations and modifications.
  • Handled store's management and administration.
  • Ensured central manufacturing of wedding gowns for smooth supply to stores.
  • Generated Clothing design and pattern creation on various fabrics.

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