Creative director

Creative director
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Creative director
Creative director
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Creative director


Fully involved in branding, contract negotiation, design roadmap for sales and marketing, while providing general counsel to clients. Skyrocketed company sales (+30%) by focusing on sales and contracts deals.

  • Trained newly employed staff on the core areas where their services are needed.
  • Served alongside other senior management team responsible for company's fiscal and daily operational duties.
  • Recently developed copywriting skills which have been instrumental to my creative ability, this skill have been used to develop contents that have convince hundreds of people to patronize client's brands.

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Creative director


Challenging and interactive position requiring relations and project management skills in support of a fast-paced and creative environment.

  • Led intake meetings with clients to define their creative goals and brand message.
  • Executed in-depth research on clients’ target audience to develop the best creative approach to designing a campaign that resonate with them.
  • Efficiently delegated responsibilities to all members of the creative team to optimize productivity and overall results.
  • Increased overall revenue by impressing every client with uniquely impactful campaigns.

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Creative director

Entry level

Gained first experience leading creative projects while appointed as project lead for most group assignments.

  • Coordinated with members to schedule strategy meetings for each assignment.
  • Delegated research and duties to ensure optimum participation and contribution of each member to the completion of each project.
  • Headed final project presents in front of the entire classroom, detailing project principles, goals and final results.
  • Consistently praised by professors for discipline and dedication to each project.

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Creative director

Entry level

Introductory position into the world of professional content creation and creative direction.

  • Along with a group of friends, started a venture and took on the position of creative director to strategically produce and release short, but engaging video contents online.
  • Monitored audiences’ response to each uploaded content to determine what topics are most appealing to them.
  • Doubled engagements and reach across all social media platforms within 6 months.
  • Scheduled strategic collaborations with other content creators to gain access to a different pool of audience.

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Creative director


Executive positon encompassing strategic vision and implementation of innovative concepts in support of a busy agency.

  • Proposed and followed through on the establishment of the in-house graphic design department to cut back on outsourced projects and increase revenue income.
  • Designed and launched unique and impactful campaigns that efficiently communicate each clients’ brand message and resonates with its target audience.
  • Managed relations with all stakeholders to ensure unified project vision and execution.
  • Maintained direct oversight on all creative teams in charge of all stages of campaign design process from inception to actualization.

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