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Experienced and versatile illustrator with 8+ years of experience, and computer graphics and cartoon expertise. Developed 2D and 3D vector diagrams and illustrations for mid-level graphic agencies and earned positive reviews for high-quality work.

  • Applied lighting techniques and color theory in illustrations to add focus, vibrancy, and depth.
  • Developed illustrative designs employing company standards, mathematical formulas, and customer specifications.
  • Worked with marketing and support departments to create high-quality images and illustrations for many projects.
  • Advertised and sold drawing pieces at markets statewide and established all piece pricing on customer demand, raw material costs, and labor costs.

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Entry level

Crafted and updated brochures and print material for businesses and marketplaces, provided the printed content for the websites and social media pages and created graphic descriptions for the educational content of books and manuals.

  • Studied information and summarized survey results.
  • Gave suggestions for improvements in designs.
  • Engaged with an audience daily to resolve their issues.
  • Designed products for consumers along with their packaging.
  • Handled media runs and ensured color quality.
  • Assisted other teams in developing the products’ visuals.
  • Captured and edited photographs for various businesses.
  • Introduced rebranding of various brands to enhance their online presence.

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Contacted clients to find rebranding alternatives in marketing and advertising material such as logos, ad copies, samples, pamphlets, and brochure designs and coached trainees on taking photographs for the websites and gave instructions on creating sign boards for promotion of products.

  • Designed, created, and developed finished illustrations for artists and businesses.
  • Assisted multiple presenters with revamping and discovering possible approaches for their talk emoticons.
  • Utilized current trends and styles for devising new designs and illustrations with contemporary colors and schemes. 
  • Demonstrated advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchbook pro.
  • Improved the visual appeal of printed materials.
  • Adopted various styles to fulfill the client's needs and desires.

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Assisted with photography and modifying items for the website and uploaded these items live on the internet, trained others on how to take site photographs, and created visual bundles for various advertisements.

  • Managed and posted content on web-based sites.
  • Pursued all aspects of variety quality for media and supervised press runs.
  • Created effective communication between all stakeholders, including high-level management.
  • Organized negotiations with clients and created developed estimates and receipts.
  • Presented thumbnail images and layout drawings to clients.
  • Designed Illustrations and altered them as per clients' suggestions.
  • Helped other team members with the graphic design of the product.

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