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Diligent copywriter with 4 years of experience writing eye-catching cross-channel copy for newsletters, press releases, web content, and advertising materials.

  • Expanded the international reach of the business by composing an online newsletter sent out to prospects across 40 countries.
  • Offered advice to clients on content and social media strategies to recruit customers, improving their social traffic by 27% in one year.
  • Boosted consumer awareness scores by 12%, grew market share by 3% and increased sales by 7% within one year.
  • Oversaw many aspects of landing page creation, from copywriting to constant Conversion Rate Optimization through data-driven A/B testing.

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Entry level

College graduate attaining Magna cum laud in English. Has extensively reviewed editing work produced by other professionals. Adept at a range of communication formats including blogs, emails, headlines, feature articles, and social media.

  • Write well-received blogs and Instagram copy for social media marketing that combines traditional and new media.
  • Wrote online articles that currently receive 1K hits per month.
  • Research and analyze topics for business and brand development.
  • Produced web copy for the business and wrote SEO-focused articles, which increased web traffic by 10%.

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Created advertising & promotional products for a diverse range of consumers, including pamphlets, digital ads, and sales copies, and developed unique ideas in collaborative efforts with creative directors and graphic artists.

  • Engaged in branding planning, coordinating with organizing and account personnel to improve market strategies and seminars.
  • Built promotional principles and published copies for a diverse group of high-profile clients.
  • Interacted with the marketing and branding team to devise and execute multi-faceted and strategic programs.
  • Introduced unique digital experiences for both consumer and business-to-business challenges.
  • Demonstrated the ability to plan and implement multiple projects across various platforms.

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Commended for writing clear, captivating, concise, and grammatically accurate copies. Managed, brainstormed and organized multiple projects for entry level copywriters on a daily basis. Stimulated business growth and increased patronage through compelling copies.

  • Scripted best selling contents that effectively reached company audience and beyond.
  • Tutored on building an in-depth understanding of marketing initiatives, essentials of copywriting, and consumer mindsets.
  • Edited all copies before final submission to ensure optimal call to action, clarity, tone, flow, and grammar.
  • Liaised with graphic designers to create matching visual aids, including infographics, charts, and cover pictures.

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