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Experience level



Created the ultimate, memorable guest experience by providing exceptional service to every patron. Reviewed kitchen procedures and practices to assess quality, effectiveness, and compliance in collaboration with the restaurant owner. Implemented seasonal menu items and negotiated prices for appropriate ingredients.

  • Developed unique and appropriate menu items according to the restaurant’s cuisine and owner specifications.
  • Oversaw the kitchen and surrounding areas to ensure compliance with the restaurant’s standards and health code regulations.
  • Planned and executed all kitchen operations, supervised staff, maintained inventory, placed orders, set prices, and sourced distributors.
  • Provided leadership, support, and guidance to ensure that food quality, safety standards, and customer service were met.
  • Maintained and reviewed records of restaurant sales and kitchen expenditures including food, supplies, personnel, and equipment.

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Sous chef


Managed the daily operations of the culinary department, including staff focus and productivity in high-volume, fast-paced environments. Sourced ingredients to meet customers’ dietary needs and developing new menu items to boost the restaurant’s reputation.

  • Co-managed a busy kitchen of over 35-line cooks, pastry chefs, fry cooks, and prep cooks.
  • Reduced food waste by 21% through more cost-effective food options and menu changes.
  • Monitored all kitchen sanitation practices ensuring employees followed all standards and regulations and committed to high-quality food and exemplary customer service.
  • Prepared sauces and sauteed entries for a 250-seat fine-dining restaurant event.
  • Created a well-balanced menu to meet different dietary needs, including lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan meal choices.

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Pastry chef


Managed and prioritized a variety of tasks. Followed recipe cards, production, portion, and presentation standards. Helped clean and set up workstations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. Inspected, operated, and maintained all baking equipment and reported issues to the kitchen supervisor.

  • Completed and utilized daily production worksheets and waste log sheets and made suggestions to the restaurant owner to reduce costs and maximize profits.
  • Tasted completed meals to ensure quality and utilized opportunities to train and encourage professional development among the kitchen staff.
  • Prepared pastry menu items according to guest orders and ensured constant standards of quality.
  • Developed new and creative pastries to update and revitalize the restaurant’s menu and engage the interest of our guests.
  • Helped speed up the process of baking and delivering pastries while maintaining quality standards, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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Executive chef


Motivated kitchen staff and developed cooperative and constructive working relationships to create a positive environment. Monitored sanitation practices and ensured kitchen staff followed all local, state, and federal safety standards and regulations, and adhered to the company’s policies and procedures.

  • Planned, supervised, and coordinated activities of prep cooks, head cooks, and other food preparation workers.
  • Followed the restaurant’s standardized recipes, portioning, and presentation standards, creating new meal options according to customer preferences.
  • Complied with local, state, and federal health and sanitation ordinances and restaurant sanitation policies and procedures.
  • Maintained inventory of food and non-food supplies and equipment to ensure the restaurant stayed within guidelines and products were available at all times.
  • Ensured the thorough training of culinary leaders and sous-chefs, and kept detailed evaluation reports of their work progress.

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