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Experience level



Oversaw menu development and preparation standards for high-end local restaurant featuring delectable and unique food presentations. Directed kitchen operations and service for 50-tables including management of 8+ staff.

  • Revitalized luxury restaurant atmosphere with complete menu overhaul, generating 150% revenue increase and improvement from 8 to 4.6 stars local customer satisfaction rating.
  • Earned #1 restaurant ranking in “City’s Best Restaurant” annual contest during first year as Chef.
  • Reduced waste 50% and improved resource and inventory usage accuracy, reducing operational costs 25% within 30 days.

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Sous chef


Oversaw 5 cooks and 10 kitchen staff at high-volume restaurant. Managed preparation workflows for entrées, specialty dishes, and desserts. Proposed unique offerings to chef for approval. Streamlined preparation of dishes to improve quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Developed and implemented policies and procedures that helped meet operations and food safety guidelines.

  • Proposed three new dishes to Chef and ownership team that ended up generating additional revenue weekly.
  • Started “Brunch” menu and earned the company thousands in additional weekend revenue with successful execution.

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Pastry chef


Managed and led kitchen for the popular bakery, floating between 2 of the 3 local chains. Ensured sanitation standards and established effective, compliant protocols for kitchen staff. Recruited and hired excellent kitchen crew additions to streamline workflows. Consulted with customers to build dream designs for private events.

  • Generated greater revenue by moving to a second local store 1 day a week and creating masterpieces that garnered custom commissions.
  • Improved production and efficiency by delegating kitchen staff to specific roles.

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Executive chef


Coordinate overall success of food service delivery impacting the bottom line by collaborating with business leadership on menu items and partnerships. Manage daily kitchen activities, plan and assign work to crew, and report data and trends to management teams.

  • Developed modern strategy incorporating team and vendor cooperation that reduced overall event planning and execution time.
  • Converted the general restaurant atmosphere to an inclusive environment that brought in greater diversity and quality customers.

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Directed food preparation and production at 100-table dining establishment, ensuring sanitation and safety compliance with 100% adherence. Hired and trained serving staff, ensuring low turnover rate and establishing culture of pride and loyalty among team members.

  • Introduced innovative menu and custom a la carte options, generating immediate 10% increase in average bill size per customer without reducing customer volume.
  • Improved junior staff efficiency 20% by streamlining processes and introducing more accurate performance and customer satisfaction standards.
  • Negotiated vendor pricing, saving an average of $50,000 annually without sacrificing service or presentation quality.

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Sous chef


Oversaw kitchen operations and managed junior staff on food preparation procedures and how to cook high-quality, tasty meals while being cost-effective. Recommended new menu items and maintained consistent meal quality during peak hours and seasonal events.

  • Instructed cooks on how to garnish and present each meal based on customers’ preferences.
  • Took over the role of kitchen supervisor in the absence of the executive chef, overseeing food ordering and ensuring kitchen operations followed standard policies and procedures.
  • Performed all opening and closing kitchen operations as instructed by the restaurant owner.
  • Trained kitchen staff on standard kitchen procedures, sanitary regulations, and food quality.
  • Assisted the Executive Chef with creating new menu items by adding gluten-free and vegan meal options.

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Knowledge of safety procedures: safe temperatures at which food ingredients need to be kept to avoid foodborne illnesses. Coordinates dining room seating arrangements for special events to provide fast and courteous service to guests. Makes food and drink pairing recommendations to customers.

  • Greeted, interacted, and entertained guests enthusiastically and engagingly to build trust and encourage repeat visits to the restaurant.
  • Set up the kitchen area with cooking utensils and equipment and ensured staff was prepared for their assignments before the restaurant opened.
  • Planned daily specials based on available ingredients and informed kitchen and wait staff to ensure guests received orders on time.
  • Modified recipes to meet guests’ unique needs and requests, including reducing salt, removing dairy, adding side dishes, and more.
  • Experimented with recipes, suggested new ingredients, sourced local vendors, and encouraged restaurant owners to establish new relationships.

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