Store manager

Store manager
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Store manager
Store manager
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Store manager


Strategic role requiring critical thinking in the development and execution of targeted business strategies to optimize operational proficiency and increase profitability.

  • Reviewed data on buying trends, customer needs, and existing business strategies to identify flaws and develop new strategies to increase customer base, expand store traffic and increase store’s revenue.
  • Reviewed and optimized store’s service practices to increase customer satisfaction, resulting in increased customer loyalty and sales.
  • Consistently research market trends and monitor competition to develop innovative ideas that keep the store ahead of the curve and increase its market share.
  • Leveraged relations and negotiation skills to maintain working relationships with a network vendors to secure the best prices and quality of goods.

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Store manager


Increased the footfall in the store by 50% as a Store Manager by ensuring that customer queries were handled efficiently and effectively to provide the best customer service

  • Managed day-to-day in-store activities to ensure that inventory management, sales, and employee training were managed to reduce any friction between employees and customers
  • Ensured key visuals, standees and offers were placed effectively so customers could get a clear view from afar increasing sales of the store by 80%.
  • Worked on reducing the expenses of the store on an ongoing basis ensuring that all resources were being efficiently utilized to make the store profitable.

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Store manager


Multifaceted role encompassing leadership and relations management in support of a fast-growing brand to develop and manage redefine team structures, train new recruits and innovate overall operational process.

  • Within the first 2 months onboard, optimized overall sales by executing in-depth research into the brand’s target audience and new market trends to develop effective listing processes that using new technology to highlight the brand’s message and reach its target audience.
  • Oversaw HR functions to include interviewing prospective employees and training new hires to ensure the standard of service is maintained, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Evaluated operational process to identify flaws and develop effective policies that streamline work process and increases overall efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in operational costs.
  • Leveraged relations and negotiation skills to maintain working relationships with a network vendors to secure the best prices and quality of goods.

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