Information security analyst

Information security analyst
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Information security analyst
Information security analyst
Resume examples

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Information security analyst

Entry level

Developed, installed, and monitored security software and hardware components for the company’s network. Assisted with the configuration and optimization of IT tools, and performed vulnerability scans, web applications, penetration tests, and security assessments.

  • Collaborated with corporate compliance and security teams across enterprise networks to identify and resolve technical issues and threats.
  • Documented and reported technical requirements to the leadership team for review and approval of security updates.
  • Assigned to troubleshoot large, complex, and cross-functional challenges and provide suggestions for updated risk management tools.
  • Evaluated numerous security applications including Okta, Mimecast, Zscaler, and Sentinel One to identify network improvement needs.
  • Served as a consultant on the long-term vision for security design for the company’s ability to make enhancements as potential threats evolve.

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Information security analyst


Developed technology roadmaps for security tools in alignment with the company’s business objectives while partnering with the executive team and cross-functional global teams. Functioned as a key strategic member of the Security Steering Committee and Security Governance team. Supervised 7 direct reports. Managed up to $30M in project budgets and $5M in IT P&L.

  • Accountable for implementing strategy, planning, and delivery of the IAM, and Crypto capabilities.
  • Oversaw multiple areas and personnel including a team of Sr Managers, Architects, Engineers, and PMs to deliver business IAM capabilities to key retail areas including POS, Order Management, and corporate systems for over 12K users.
  • Implemented an extensive and complex encryption solution to protect transactions on POS systems.
  • Architected a world-class onshore and offshore team to support a fast pace and dynamic Security Engineering and Operations environment.
  • Deployed Office 365 Exchange online to 170,000 users along with the development of architecture, authentication, and provisioning controls.
  • Led a significant point-to-point encryption solution.
  • Managed overall contract renewals for the company (EAS, Premier & Office 365) and versed in MS UR and licensing.

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Information security analyst


Worked cross-functionally with our software and hardware development teams to ensure security threats are identified, prioritized, and resolved promptly. Contributed to the development and implementation of security policies and procedures to support confidentiality and integrity.

  • Served as the Senior ISA to the business team to determine vulnerabilities related to compliance and governance considerations.
  • Defined requirements and collaborated with the metrics team to develop measuring tools that adequately analyzed security performance.
  • Participated in a 5-person IT management team that provided vision, direction, and expertise to senior leadership on implementing innovative ways to improve security.
  • Ensured IT Security Analyst Department achieved high levels of satisfaction according to company standards and client report cards.
  • Researched and monitored open-source software to determine where applications and patches could be used to improve account security.

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