Cyber security analyst

Cyber security analyst
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Cyber security analyst
Cyber security analyst
Resume examples

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Cyber security analyst

Entry level

Demonstrated ability to work on multiple tasks and respond to rapidly changing priorities under the direction of the IT Manager. Formulated, organized, and effectively presented ideas while serving as the company’s official representative in technical forums and panel discussions.

  • Supported all cyber security and IT programs reporting to the cyber security lead and regularly interacted with all levels of contractor management.
  • Researched, documented, and implemented software application requirements specifications and worked with the system end users to ensure effective use of applications.
  • Ensured all changes to systems are performed according to configuration control standards and company policies.
  • Developed and maintained user guides, manuals, and other types of software application documentation.
  • Participated in the development of database architectures, coding standards, quality assurance policies, and procedures.

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Cyber security analyst


Managed a $10M budget to operate and defend 3 unique networks for client engagement in accordance with SOW, exceeding KPIs. Supported 1K users; overseeing 10 direct reports including 4 division managers executing vulnerability management, cyber protection, incident response, and cyber forensics analysis as well as protection management, cyber intelligence, and reporting. Rebuild client trust and course‐corrected program after winning mismanaged contract.

  • Developed key relationships, assess client needs, identify pain points, and replaced incorrectly utilized technology in existing inventory, and built a high‐performing team to earn a client for program turnaround.
  • Spearheaded development of advanced cyber forensics capability, pinpointing appropriate technology, and integrating technology into the enclave, resulting in a profound surge of in‐house detection of cyber incidents across national field sites and a secure evidence chain of custody.
  • Provided end-to-end leadership from discovery to problem resolution for cross‐functional problems related to vulnerability management, data management, cybersecurity, application management, customer service, hardware/software.
  • Presented actionable insights related to human cyber risk measures to an audience of security professionals.

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Cyber security analyst


Conducted regular surveys and audits of cyber security programs and provided assistance and consulting services to all departments. Oversaw firewall, email security systems, web security systems, and IDS/IPS. Maintained a current understanding of all applicable DOE and Federal regulatory requirements.

  • Coordinated investigative activities with appropriate management and formulated written reports and presented verbal and written briefings.
  • Performed cyber security incident triage to determine the scope, urgency, and potential impact as well as identify the specific vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Ensured project teams complied with enterprise and IT security policies, industry regulations, and best practices.
  • Conducted and monitored performance tests on new and existing software and databases to identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Collaborated with functional architects and third-party security specialists to ensure adequate solutions were in place to identify and deter cyber risks.

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