Cyber security

Cyber security
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Cyber security
Cyber security
Resume examples

13Cyber security resume examples found

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Cyber security analyst


Conducted regular surveys and audits of cyber security programs and provided assistance and consulting services to all departments. Oversaw firewall, email security systems, web security systems, and IDS/IPS. Maintained a current understanding of all applicable DOE and Federal regulatory requirements.

  • Coordinated investigative activities with appropriate management and formulated written reports and presented verbal and written briefings.
  • Performed cyber security incident triage to determine the scope, urgency, and potential impact as well as identify the specific vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Ensured project teams complied with enterprise and IT security policies, industry regulations, and best practices.
  • Conducted and monitored performance tests on new and existing software and databases to identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Collaborated with functional architects and third-party security specialists to ensure adequate solutions were in place to identify and deter cyber risks.

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Information security analyst


Worked cross-functionally with our software and hardware development teams to ensure security threats are identified, prioritized, and resolved promptly. Contributed to the development and implementation of security policies and procedures to support confidentiality and integrity.

  • Served as the Senior ISA to the business team to determine vulnerabilities related to compliance and governance considerations.
  • Defined requirements and collaborated with the metrics team to develop measuring tools that adequately analyzed security performance.
  • Participated in a 5-person IT management team that provided vision, direction, and expertise to senior leadership on implementing innovative ways to improve security.
  • Ensured IT Security Analyst Department achieved high levels of satisfaction according to company standards and client report cards.
  • Researched and monitored open-source software to determine where applications and patches could be used to improve account security.

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System analyst


Maintained an in-depth understanding of the organization’s technical architecture in support of various database applications and data flows between systems. Analyzed functional requirements, data relationships, and attributes to provide recommendations and improvements to the management team.

  • Surveyed and diagnosed database program issues, resolved user issues, and advised management about systems innovations for improvement.
  • Guided teams on all project phases, including work scopes, processes, deliverables, proposal development, and submission.
  • Assisted in the selection of new application systems by reviewing design, technologies, specifications, configuration, and deployment.
  • Advised and recommended areas of technical business management, program planning, and budgeting.
  • Documented and distributed information regarding critical or unusual problems to the business and operation teams.

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Network security engineer


Implemented core and cloud infrastructure security systems to identify and manage network risks. Led network architecture and operational complex network solutions to rapidly changing technologies and complex company environments. Trained and led network technologists to deploy complex solutions.

  • Maintained and increased technical knowledge and competence in company applications, products, and services.
  • Supported and troubleshot network infrastructure issues and coordinated with vendors to develop solutions as needed.
  • Performed internal penetration test of account records to identify misconfigurations, create reports, and develop presentations for management.
  • Planned and coordinated the setup, installation, configuration, and maintenance of firewalls, routers, and switches.
  • Educated various teams on the security threats, tactics, and techniques, and guided IT teams to improve security controls and enhance software and hardware.

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