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Brand ambassador
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Brand ambassador
Brand ambassador
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Brand ambassador


 Grew the user base by inviting positive trial and awareness of Red Bull through product sampling to consumers at the right place and right time while answering all consumer's questions. Created a strong network, established, and maintained relationships with key local individuals, crafted content, and drove the brand engagement on Social Media.

  • Promoted the company as well as the street team through mobile marketing. Collaborated with sales to open new distribution points for Red Bull within the university campus.
  • Worked with Marketing Manager to translate company goals to individual client’s needs
  • Increased brand awareness and sales by promoting products through a variety of media channels.
  • Participated in Red Bull events and supported events to ensure an unforgettable brand experience for consumers.

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Brand ambassador


Organized local events to improve brand awareness and increased the company’s website visitation by 110%. Joined community partnerships initiatives to establish new product collaborations and engage with social media users by answering product questions and solving sales-related issues.

  • Elevated the company’s reputation to a wider customer base through brand promotions, market research, venue selection, and by building solid relationships with vendors and venue owners.
  • Promoted 2 new products across the company’s social media platforms, generating hundreds of engagements within the first week and increasing webpage traffic by 12%.
  • Increased sales by 38% within the first thirty days by increasing customer engagement, collecting feedback from customers, and applying changes to the sales strategy accordingly.
  • Trained 3 junior employees on best selling practices and optimal brand promotion.
  • Outlined new marketing strategies to meet buyer targets by developing rapport with more dealers and distributors.

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