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Web designer
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Web designer


Maintained cross-program and cross-stage similarity, responsible for visual plan and code creation support of the main web-based interface for work area and smartphones.

  • Designed layouts for a variety of promotional items, including email campaigns, check inserts, posters, check inserts, and menu designs, and provided poster mounting services when necessary.
  • Created UI/collaboration plan and created front-end advancement for a versatile web form, portable tagging utilizing jQuery portable structure.
  • Assembled RSS XML item channel for an eCommerce site.
  • Created website page mockups, adhering to specific guidelines and headings given in User Interface wire-outline documentation.

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Web designer


Create user-centric websites optimized for desktop and mobile consumption using Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and Microsoft Office. Develop strategies with marketing and IT departments to enhance company branding and growth initiatives. Front-end design integration using HMTL, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. Conduct competitor research audits to improve UX/UI development.

  • Maintain 5+ web campaigns monthly for small business owners, emphasizing mobile user experience and advertising strategies.
  • Lead cross-functional internal meetings to streamline web development workflow and reduce operating costs.
  • Improve mobile user-interface satisfaction 31% through responsive web designs.
  • Integrate modern SEO philosophies via page speed optimization and descriptive URL structures.

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Web designer

Entry level

Hired full-time from contract position to create secure, UX-friendly website design using HTML, CSS, and Adobe AfterEffects. Serve as design team liaison in a customer-facing role. Create vector graphics and logos based on customer brand. Collaborated with senior designers and content experts to organize new content and drive user interface satisfaction.

  • Oversee all formatting, color, and typography to create 4+ client websites and 60+ unique graphic branding materials monthly.
  • Improve retention 22% by implementing standardized language to communicate client requests with design teams.
  • Secured 97% customer satisfaction over contract length and 98% over first year of full-time employment.
  • Awarded “Web Designer of the Month” five times over two years.

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Web designer

Entry level

Executed tasks on time and interacted with all management to develop web applications. 

  • Used Photoshop to create visualization tools and user icons.
  • Developed websites in HTML, and CSS using Dreamweaver.
  • Demonstrated and gathered feedback on proposed sites.
  • Altered the existing Perl scripts and generated new designs.
  • Made design samples for the major area websites, including graphic design, site navigation, and content arrangement.
  • Worked on website design, features, and web description to successfully manage deadlines.
  • Increased the number of accessible web portals that allow customers to access and retrieve exact information.
  • Rechecked the designs and make any necessary adjustments.

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