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Web developer


Oversaw technical decisions, training, and direction for team of 7 in planning and execution of web development strategies, testing, quality assurance (QA), debugging, and maintenance of web-based applications development. Evolved best practices and standards to achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction while reducing downtimes and high-tier issue tickets.

  • Re-architected mobile application reaching 50,000 users; achieved 150,000 new downloads, reduced hacking attempts 28%, and generated $1.3M revenue boost from online sales.
  • Developed and executed SEO strategy and seamless ad integration with external sites for high-end jeweler, resulting in attainment of 24% increase in eCommerce sales and top 5 ranking on search engine results.
  • Built APIs and web applications using Elixir to handle segmentation, personalized recommendations, and omni-channel messaging, reducing cart-abandonment rate 23% and creating $1.25M increase in eCommerce sales within 60 days of solution launch.

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Front-end developer


Developed and implemented React component library creation training guide and documentation, streamlining junior developer onboarding operations by 50%. Shared workflow to other departments for companywide integration.

  • Assessed current training procedures and identified opportunity for improvement.
  • Drafted user-friendly and informative training manual on React libraries to facilitate removal of time-consuming onboarding training programs.
  • Distributed guide amongst development team and mentored developers on how to utilize document.
  • Partnered with senior leadership to coordinate companywide integration of process improvement.

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SQL developer


Spearheaded enterprise company database migration to a cloud-based system. Led development team of 20+ engineers, programmers, and IT specialists to complete data model implementation tasks and meet program milestone goals.

  • Built cross-functional team comprised of junior SQL developers, software engineers, and IT professionals.
  • Researched original database operations and functionalities to determine opportunities for improvement and expansion.
  • Interviewed and selected ideal technology vendor for cloud-based services.
  • Drafted report documentation and wrote user instructions for cloud-based program management.
  • Delegated database maintenance, troubleshooting, and user feedback analysis tasks following migration project completion.

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Database developer


Managed a team of 7 to 9 developers globally, onsite, and offshore. Provided solutions for business reporting requirements for internal and external customers of Thermo King.

  • Managed team activities that include allocation of work, team mentoring, tracking the progress of the work, and ensuring its completion on time.
  • Set up the entire BI environment for Cognos and OBIEE.
  • Worked closely with the network team for the server architecture to support a robust BI environment. Installed and configured the Cognos and OBIEE toolsets.
  • Designed and implemented the complete security model to address data level and object level security for users.
  • Played a key role in setting up an enterprise-wide data warehouse solution.
  • Performed gap analysis on the business requirements and BI DW environment shortfalls.
  • Gathered, documented, and validated business requirements and line the BI space per the requirements.
  • Performed detailed analysis of source data and designed the extract transform and load strategies to load the cleaned-up data into the EDW to make it one source of truth for the data.
  • Designed and documented the data mappings from source to EDW.
  • Designed and developed several DAC plans to facilitate the data loads.
  • Stayed cognizant of other projects and their data loads into the EDW and addressed the impact of multiple data loads into the same tables nightly.
  • Re-used the existing BI DW components to satisfy business needs for data without expanding the DW BI space unnecessarily with additional components.
  • Planned, designed, documented, implemented, and tested upgrades to all components of BI.
  • Traveled throughout the globe to present, knowledge transfer, and train user community on a new project.
  • Earned Presidents’ Award for the Driving to Excellence project, and the TK Pillar of Pride for outstanding achievement, and various Bravo Awards for project accomplishments.

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