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Software developer
Software developer
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Software developer


Designed, developed, tested, and maintained scalable and stable applications and custom-built technology solutions. Identify a specific legacy system set of business capabilities and create a prototype application to operate in a cloud environment. Collaborate with technology peers on design/development/support phases of projects and through the implementation and production support phases.

  • Supported projects from conception to delivery using the Pega platform while ensuring the implementation is consistent with design decisions, standards, and best practices.
  • Created reusable component architecture and reusable software code across the enterprise to provide a best-in-class customer experience.
  • Conducted full life-cycle software development in multiple software environments.
  • Translated complex business requirements into functional technical requirements and performing solutions by using Pega technology to improve usability, performance, and data quality.
  • Worked with Agile team on interpretation epics, acceptance criteria, and requirements into user stories to be completed within a sprint, further develop sprints and test to identify bugs, issues, and defects at an early stage.
  • Conducted root cause analysis and complex performance tuning.

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Software developer


Demonstrated a strong blend of programming fundamentals with a keen sense of detail in the design of software applications for a variety of clients. Wrote SQL code to facilitate troubleshooting and data analysis, and ensured the highest-quality performance and responsiveness of software products.

  • Designed algorithms and flowcharts to develop new or update software applications and systems according to customer specifications.
  • Contributed to the design and implementation of a self-paced curriculum and training program for new software development hires.
  • Managed heavy workloads when the software development team was short-staffed and ensured the completion of each project according to schedule.
  • Integrated software components with third-party applications, testing and verifying functionality before deployment.
  • Troubleshot, debugged, and upgraded existing software applications based on user feedback and internal evaluations.

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Software developer

Entry level

Troubleshot, debugged, maintained, and improved existing software according to customer and department requests. Trained and furthered knowledge of the most in-demand programming skills to adequately complete job assignments as directed by the supervisors and experienced developers.

  • Compiled and assessed customer feedback to make improvement recommendations to existing software products.
  • Wrote and maintained accurate technical notes and documentation to help guide future development projects.
  • Identified potential liabilities in development projects and made recommendations to resolve issues and avoid further obstacles.
  • Reviewed client portals, payment processing, and eSignature incidents to simplify communication and interactions.
  • Performed routine maintenance and backup of the company’s software programs and applications before and after deployment.

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Software developer

Entry level

Performed regular software testing and maintenance to ensure products operated according to requirements and specifications. Under the direction of the supervising development team, served as an entry point between music labels and the supply chain to record and recommend software improvements.

  • Reviewed end-user comments to make recommendations for improvements to existing software programs and applications.
  • Interfaced with clients to diagnose problems with existing software and directed concerns to lead developers.
  • Demonstrated exceptional listening skills to support colleagues and understand the problems they have with clients and suggest potential solutions.
  • Documented every aspect of a software application or system as a reference point for future maintenance and upgrades.
  • Designed each piece of an application or system and planned how the pieces would function as a whole.

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Software developer


Optimized business investments with realistic software development strategies that developed high levels of customer satisfaction and bridged the gap between management and technical teams. Oversaw a team of 12 junior software development specialists to provide guidance and direction.

  • Created a new operating system and interface for the company, resulting in decreased costs and improved company-wide efficiency.
  • Organized a previously chaotic software development department into a highly efficient and productive unit that reduced average project completion time from 2 months to 5 weeks.
  • Developed training processes for all new hires in the software development department at two different locations, increasing productivity and reducing errors.
  • Resolved many problematic relationships with third-party computer hardware vendors, encouraging greater communication and clarity between all parties involved.
  • Managed a $3.5M development program for a major international financial investment group that reduced transaction errors by 28%.

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Software developer


Recruited as a consultant then moved into permanent Senior Software Developer position. Participated in hiring and training initiatives, including training new developers, contributing to a department instructional manual, and serving in an interdepartmental committee tasked with increasing productivity.

  • Oversaw A/B testing of technology upgrades for the company’s internal software and customer products and services.
  • Established processes that enabled developers to be more productive, resulting in improved customer experiences.
  • Ensured software security by creating or integrating programs that actively monitored the sharing of private information.
  • Maintained and grew relationships by delivering great customer service throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in a sales increase of 12% year-over-year
  • Received Compaq 5-Star ratings for “outstanding business software solutions” for 8 consecutive years and “outstanding service and customer support” twice in the last 3 years.

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Software developer


Selected to solve challenging software development issues despite the availability of more experienced developers on staff. Met with clients to determine how software applications would be used and identified the core functionalities. Tested and deployed various software programs and applications.

  • Collaborates with management, departments, and clients to define end-user requirements and specifications.
  • Applied reverse engineering processes to resolve many longstanding customer issues with existing software applications and programs.
  • Recommended and demonstrated the benefits of software upgrades for clients’ existing applications and systems.
  • Ensure that software applications and systems continued to function normally through software maintenance and testing.

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