Service technician

Service technician
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Service technician
Service technician
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Service technician

Entry level

Provided technical service and repair on satellite equipment for homes and businesses, including installation of hardware and software. Conducted general diagnostic review, on-site tests, and parts replacement as necessary or directed by the lead technician while ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Executed basic and advanced diagnostic and repair work on all aspects of the company’s product line.
  • Explained complex diagnostic, installation and maintenance issues in a way that non-technical clients could understand.
  • Persuaded clients to purchase updated or recommended replacement parts and equipment or invest in important repairs.
  • Provided feedback to the design and engineering teams to promote ongoing improvements to repair processes and the product line.
  • Worked in confined spaces, ensuring all OSHA and company safety policies and regulations were followed at all times.

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Service technician


Installed new hardware, software, and complex appliance equipment for homes and businesses, testing and ensuring components worked correctly. Educated customers on the proper use and upkeep of equipment and provided instructions on the necessary steps to take when repairs were required.

  • Established relationships with business managers to provide comprehensive services and solutions for a variety of large restaurant-quality appliances.
  • Demonstrated extensive mechanical aptitude, and ability to read schematics and troubleshooting.
  • Assisted with the onboarding and training of new hires to help them understand workflow processes and procedures and become familiar with a variety of equipment.
  • Partnered with internal teams to ensure the delivery of exceptional equipment by cleaning and packaging products as needed.
  • Completed scheduled inspections accurately to ensure preventative maintenance tasks were done as recommended by manufacturers.

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Service technician


Administered installations, upgrades/ enhancements, troubleshooting, calibrations, and preventive maintenance services for diagnostic, therapeutic, dialysis, operating theatre, ICU, Ultrasound, MRI radiology, and laboratory equipment for Community Health Center and medical schools across the USA.

  • Effectively resolved customer issues while providing world-class customer support.
  • Performed testing of the equipment by detailed accuracy, selectivity, and sensitivity measurements.
  • Established Standard Operating Procedure(SOPs) for equipment breakdown and preventive maintenance which maximized the service life and functionality of the medical equipment.
  • Facilitated Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) and Comprehensive Maintenance Contract(CMC) to ensure the smooth functioning of medical equipment and diagnostic devices.
  • Purchased medical equipment and conducted technical inspections on new/ transferred equipment while adhering to state/federal rules and regulations.

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