Maintenance worker

Maintenance worker
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Maintenance worker
Maintenance worker
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Maintenance worker


Maintained robotic equipment automation by installation, troubleshooting, and calibration. Removed, repaired, reassembled, replaced, and adjusted major components of equipment and determining need for new parts.

  • Diagnosed vacuum systems, sensors, wiring circuitry, pneumatics, flow valve configurations, mechanical movements, motor drive systems, PLC systems, and electrical devices.
  • Performed Laser Weld alignment and conducted ATF background clearance.

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Maintenance worker

Entry level

Repaired and maintained control systems for complex fabric production machinery, and equipment, participated as a member of and contributed to the Hazardous Response Team, and volunteered to be on-call for facility evacuation and response to chemical leaks, floods, fires, and natural disasters.

  • Conducted general repairs around throughout the facility that do not require a specialized technician.
  • Made critical adjustments to machinery and equipment to improve efficiency, extend life, and prevent damage.
  • Collaborated with workers and outside contractors during facility renovations, retrofits, and renovations.
  • Maintained parts and equipment inventories and placed orders to keep levels adequate to avoid operational downtime.
  • Checked the functionality of all facility safety systems, including fire alarms, emergency shutdown systems, fire hoses, backup lighting, and fire extinguishers.

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Maintenance worker


Provided comprehensive electrical, machinery, and building support services as part of the facility’s 3-person maintenance team. Under the supervision of the Maintenance Manager, assisted in the hiring and training of new hires and interns, assuring they adhered to the state and federal safety standards.

  • Analyzed blueprints, specifications, oral and verbal instructions, and general requirements to determine the scope of work.
  • Utilized the company’s work order management system to review active orders and document maintenance and repair activities.
  • Consulted directly with the Maintenance Manager to organize, plan, and discuss the methods, and identify the materials and tools needed for each project.
  • Identified and reported repairs or upkeep needed to the facility found during the day, including burned-out bulbs, clogged drains, water leaks, etc.
  • Interacted with vendors and suppliers and established rapport to facilitate win-win relationships that benefitted all parties involved.

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