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Performed routine maintenance, servicing, and repair for a variety of large and small diesel, gas, and alternative-fueled vehicles and equipment while adhering to company, state, and federal safety regulations.

  • Maintained records related to inspections, projects, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Interpreted diagrams, sketches, schematics, technical manuals, and specifications.
  • Inspected, diagnosed, troubleshot, and repair malfunctions and mechanical issues.
  • Conducted preventive maintenance on vehicles/equipment, safety checks, inspections, and annual maintenance as per the company’s maintenance regulations.
  • Replaced various components such as carburetors, batteries, alternators, radiators, hoses, belts, bearings, gears, differentials, distributors, pumps, thermostats, starters, generators, cylinders, hydraulic rams, fuel lines, and joints. 
  • Installed and replaced air brakes, hardware, reline brakes, and performed transmission motor, and engine inspections.

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Automotive technician


Managed day-to-day schedule and operations of the shop concentrating on quality workmanship and customer service. Evaluated accuracy of diagnoses and approved recommended repairs. Inspected, diagnosed, and repaired mechanical and electrical systems such as engines, transmissions, brakes, clutches, starters, axles, steering gears, carburetors, fuel systems, and cooling systems.

  • Trained apprentice and junior Mechanics on preventive maintenance, servicing, and repairs procedures ensuring customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.
  • Read, interpret, and transcribe data to maintain accurate records.
  • Promptly diagnosed the cause of any malfunction and repair.
  • Estimated labor cost and time for additional automotive repairs.
  • Effectively translated mechanical problems and required repairs to Service Advisors and vehicle owners in a simple language.

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Auto mechanic

Entry level

Inspected mechanical components and engines for a variety of vehicles, diagnosed problems, and performed maintenance and repair work. Utilized computerized and manual diagnostic methods, and consulted with the head mechanic before commencing work to ensure diagnoses were accurate.

  • Performed complete disc and drum break services, including performing full brake flushes and replacing all braking components.
  • Utilized the company’s proprietary computer system to provide estimates for parts, labor, and timelines.
  • Explained the brake servicing process to customers, answered all questions, and provided quotes before starting work.
  • Stayed up-to-date by learning new technical information and techniques at the company-led formal training sessions.
  • Conducted scheduled preventative vehicle maintenance and documented all activities in the company’s management system.

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Diesel mechanic


Maintained and repaired complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and diesel systems on a variety of rental and customer equipment and tools while using a high degree of independent judgment.

  • Traveled to customer job sites for repair/maintenance of rental or customer-owned equipment; ensured maintain service vehicle is clean.
  • Trained junior technicians on repair and maintenance.
  • Maintained paperwork/electronic documentation of work performed (work orders) in a complete and timely manner daily.
  • Assisted with pick-up and delivery of equipment and parts.

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Entry level

Performed repairs on heavy equipment, construction equipment, and machinery using hand tools, machine tools, and measuring instruments. Diagnosed and troubleshot fuel systems, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and propane systems. Cultivated positive relationships with clients while providing exceptional service to customers.

  • Managed routine repair services on the equipment including oil changes, lubrication, tire replacements, hose repair, and battery replacements.
  • Reconditioned and replaced assorted parts of the heavy equipment and ran and tested equipment.
  • Diagnosed wear or tear on the equipment and communicated with the customer.
  • Maintained a clean and organized work environment.
  • Generated timely and detailed service reports and repair logs.
  • Performed regular preventative maintenance on the equipment.

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Automotive technician

Entry level

Reassembled units and examined sections for wear using calipers, micrometers, and gauges.

  • Analyzed the vehicle's engine to precisely detect the faults.
  • Scheduled additional maintenance appointments and informed customers on proper vehicle operation.
  • Fixed and improved heating, motor cooling, conditioning, and electrical frameworks.
  • Restructured work processes using technical documents, charts, and previous experience.
  • Evaluated and adjusted modified parts of the engines to match the company's performance criteria.
  • Contacted customers to acquire more about automotive flaws and to discuss future support requirements.
  • Tested engine, reliability, and emission control criteria to meet registered vehicle standards.
  • Modified and fixed damaged fuel injectors, carburetor components, and gasoline purifiers.

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Auto mechanic


Performed regular maintenance on machinery, systems, and automotive vehicles. Communicated with clients to better understand their concerns and identify the issue. Assembled mechanical components according to specifications. Examined machines and oversaw diagnostic tests to determine functionality problems.

  • Oversaw daily shop operations administering work orders and daily man-hours reports, while enforcing safety and environmental regulations and policies.
  • Implemented a plan of action for all maintenance tasks and upgrades.
  • Maintained work logs, repairs, maintenance records, monitored inventory and ordered new parts as needed.
  • Supervised 5 technicians; assigned work duties, trained on proper techniques and procedures, and adhered to safety standards.
  • Inspected and diagnosed equipment, components, and systems to determine necessary repair.
  • Provided consultation on maintenance and preventative procedures to machine and vehicle users.
  • Performed vehicle assessments and cautioned clients on issues that could prohibit their vehicles from passing inspection.
  • Analyzed control systems to resolve software/hardware and configuration issues.
  • Utilized predictive maintenance technologies to collect equipment performance data.

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Diesel mechanic


Performed tire changes/rotations, brake jobs, belt replacement, oil changes, and regular preventive maintenance for diesel semi's tractors and trailers including MC 331 bottles, 407 crude & condensate trailers, and DOT 407/412 vacuum trailers used for hauling water along with related equipment including pumps, piping, and valves.

  • Identified mechanical issues by prioritizing repairs ensuring fleet moves on schedule.
  • Troubleshot and installed ELDs and scanners into all transport vehicles.
  • Cleaned the shop as per company policies and practices as well as state/federal regulations.
  • Scheduled urgent and non-urgent maintenance requests received from drivers and accurately documented the progress and completion utilizing spreadsheets.
  • Ensured tractors and trailers have mandatory maintenance performed in accordance with DOT policy.

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Assigned to maintain all of the plant’s property and production assets in safe, sanitary, and efficient working conditions. Stayed up-to-date on the company’s new equipment and technologies and offered recommendations for new parts and products. Demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to take on new responsibilities.

  • Performed preventative maintenance check-ups, read statistical process control charts and data, and provided reports to shift supervisor and head plant mechanic.
  • Completed work orders on time while maintaining high-quality standards and communicating mechanical issues to shift supervisor.
  • Utilized a variety of power and hand tools, electrical meters, and equipment to perform a wide range of site duties.
  • Conducted preventative maintenance to limit the chances of emergency repairs by conducting regular inspections and reporting potential issues to the site manager.
  • Participated in daily meetings and kept logs of maintenance objectives and opportunities to ensure efficient workflow.

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Automotive technician


Used the scanning device to examine and identify automobiles ranging from tiny cars to commercial vehicles.

  • Provided technical assistance and consultations to customers through walk-ins, meetings, and incoming calls.
  • Restocked the supplies and goods in the portable installation station.
  • Increased the efficiency and overall presentation of commercial services.
  • Enhanced the service and product awareness among business and sales professionals, leading to client satisfaction with individual solutions.
  • Executed competent mechanical repairs and maintenance on gasoline or combustion engines.
  • Investigated and evaluated mechanical faults in trucks, autos, and other mechanical components.
  • Restored and regulated the parts of the motors.

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