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Experience level


Entry level

Cleaned building floors by mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing them.

  • Cleaned mirrors and windows.
  • Removed trash from dustbins.
  • Kept a cleaning chart to show areas that needed to be cleaned and examined.
  • Replaced maintenance and cleaning essentials.
  • Organized the storage rooms for janitorial products.
  • Informed managers of any unsafe circumstances, repairs, or maintenance required.
  • Documented and reviewed the regular inspection and repair activities.
  • Performed significant cleaning duties and unique assignments of sanitizing.
  • Collaborated with the entire team during duty hours.
  • Implemented necessary health and safety laws in cleaning services.
  • Cleaned up spills with proper equipment.

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Performed maintenance and cleaning duties to keep the facility safe and sanitized. Cleaned and sanitized restrooms, drinking fountains, and kitchens.

  • Organized and regularly mopped using approved chemicals near janitorial closets.
  • Conducted routine inspection and maintenance activities.
  • Promptly removed litter and disposed of garbage to the allocated garbage area.
  • Activated and deactivated the security system of the assigned facility.

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Managed all facets of cleaning and maintenance services creating a clean and pleasant environment at school ensuring schools are disinfected and sanitized as per the school policies and sanitary regulations. Cleaned, mopped, swept, and dusted regularly.

  • Praised by the school principal for perfect attendance and punctuality.
  • Continually received over 99% for the cleanliness of facility including rooms, hallways, and restrooms.

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Visited the sites bi-weekly to ensure that the sites were cleaned properly.

  • Delivered cleaning products to several job sites and kept a record of all inventories.
  • Ensured the successful completion of janitorial operations in the designated areas on time.
  • Vacuumed and cleaned all the carpets and floors in the building.
  • Sterilized, cleaned, and replaced the garbage cans, bags, and trash bins daily.
  • Launched and implemented new cleaning processes, resulting in our customers' satisfaction.
  • Supplied toilet tissues, hand towels, and other bathroom necessities.
  • Completed all cleaning procedures in accordance with business requirements.
  • Wiped down all workplace decorations, furniture, and equipment daily.

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