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Managed and accounted for equipment/resources. Installed electrical systems in commercial and residential properties. Facilitated, monitored, and conducted the full range of electrical repairs including unsupervised maintenance, troubleshooting, servicing, and testing. Conducted equipment and component inspections, functional checks, and preventive maintenance.

  • Installed electrical equipment and monitored for hazards and replacement for Data Centers and manufacturing facilities.
  • Performed preventive measures to ensure smooth functioning of the electrical system. Estimated necessary materials and maintained inventory of used supplies and accurately prepared cost estimates.
  • Mentored apprentice electricians on proper safety procedures and methods for maximizing productivity, efficiency, and quality.
  • Guided and supervised r apprentices and journeyman electricians
  • Repaired and installed electrical circuits, equipment, and appliances using appropriate tools and testing instruments.
  • Maintained motor control centers and programmable logic controls (480 volts and below).
  • Ensured proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies.
  • Spearheaded continuous improvement process for workplace safety and environmental practices.
  • Organized meetings with customers to review updates, schedules, and plans.
  • Managed project subcontractors and equipment vendors enforcing to comply with safety protocols on the job site.

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Managed a variety of electronic systems and components including emergency generators and power distribution systems. Quickly identified defective equipment and repaired/replaced the equipment. Inspected repairs and maintained electronic devices.

  • Reviewed blueprints ensuring drawings and specifications align with the design in the environment.
  • Estimated and ordered supplies and parts for the electrical system.
  • Responded to emergency service calls for electrical services and repairs.
  • Delivered exceptional customer service throughout the process by educating customers about the products and offering real-time updates on job status.
  • Documented and updated job status in the company database.

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Entry level

Installed new electrical systems and repaired existing electrical systems while maintaining compliance with policies and procedures, national, state, and local electrical codes. Worked under the supervision of Master Electrician at commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential locations.

  • Installed, repaired, maintained, and tested commercial, industrial, and residential electrical systems complying with company safety, operations, and productivity initiatives.
  • Positioned wire and electrical cable systems, conduit systems, and wire raceway systems.
  • Built control panels from drawings and troubleshoot equipment electrical systems and control circuits.
  • Prepared sketches and schematic diagrams showing the location of wiring and electrical systems.
  • Managed workflow schedule to meet the company’s established goals and objectives.
  • Effectively communicate with peers, customers, and vendors demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.

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Electronic technician


Oversaw multiple complex circuits while planning, sequencing, selection of appropriate tools, and testing instruments. Complied to industries' best practices/standards and quality control processes in installation and servicing plan.

  • Managed the installation and maintenance of sub-level devices(patch panels, junction boxes) and head-end equipment.
  • Drove cables/fiber installation design plans by studying component level schematic diagrams for systems, equipment, and devices identifying appropriate cables from drawings and cable summaries.
  • Interpret designs and ESS-related documents.
  • Repaired and maintained all types of electronic security system equipment such as CCTV, ACS, IDS, and VMS.
  • Installed diverse ESS systems and devices including ACS/IDS, CCTV, VMS.
  • Prepared and installed cable pathways and spaces.
  • Performed field verification testing, FiberOptic termination, and splicing.
  • Installed wireless cell site foundations and up-top equipment including masts, clamping, bracing, supports, antennas, RRUs, cabling, bolting, true up, shooting proper azimuth within tolerances.
  • Analyzed maps and a compass, torque, specifications, labeling, pictures, documentation, plumb, and tilt readings with smart level. Assembled monopoles, all weld and knockdown self-support, and guyed towers.
  • Cleaned and managed tool inventory and upkeep daily on the job site.

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