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Experience level



Managed several painting projects for residential and commercial buildings while supervising 2 junior painters. Assisted clients on color choice and purchased color according to the order specifications and blueprints. Delivered excellent services to customers ensuring customers are happy and stress-free during the entire process. Utilized viscosity meter to check paint consistency.

  • Supervised junior painters in sanding, grinding, cleaning/ wiping, pouring paint into spray guns, and adjustment of nozzles and paint mixtures for proper paint flow ensuring all the areas are covered.
  • Sprayed prepared surfaces with specified amounts of primer or finish coatings.
  • Monitored and corrected flaws by establishing a painting process to identify issues such as blisters and streaks.
  • Provided estimates and invoices for clients.
  • Ensured adherence to OSHA compliance and safety regulations.

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Sprayed paint, dye, and varnishes on ceilings and walls, and on structures like buildings.

  • Cleaned commercial buildings' interior and exterior surfaces for paintwork.
  • Encouraged clients in choosing services by looking at paint samples and patterns.
  • Confirmed proper handling of materials and associated regulations followed by the co-workers.
  • Renovated domestic residences' interiors and exteriors.
  • Completed several projects and assignments under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Inspired customers' paint-pairing preferences by the residence and color combinations.
  • Reviewed production designer specifications to create appropriate designs.
  • Ensured that equipment and materials are used and maintained with care.

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Entry level

Provided professional advice on color choices, painting styles, textures, and cost-cutting tips to customers in team and individual appointments.

  • Used glue and timber filler to prepare uneven areas.
  • Cleaned and neatly maintained all painting equipment and supplies.
  • Washed and fixed small defects on interior surfaces before painting.
  • Prepared outer surface using correct structural flaws, soda blast, and power wash.
  • Delivered bills and received payment when jobs finished.
  • Repainted buildings after removing undesired marks.
  • Set up fans and employed heat guns to dry surfaces faster per client's requests.
  • Determined the number of required supplies and estimated expenses using surface dimensions.

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Entry level

Managed interior and exterior painting projects for commercial buildings. Prepared for painting by washing, scraping, burning, sanding, sandblasting, and caulks, putties, cement/plaster holes, and cracks.

  • Combined and a mixed variety of paints, enamels, lacquers, varnishes, stains, and special protective coatings to achieve desired color and consistency. Utilized brush, roller, spray gun for painting.
  • Anticipated the required quantities of materials for the projects.
  • Evaluated customer requests, pricing, troubleshoot customer issues, provide work orders to a customer.

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