Radiologic technologist

Radiologic technologist
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Radiologic technologist
Radiologic technologist
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Radiologic technologist


Worked in an inpatient/outpatient setting in a 270-bed hospital with one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the state; the radiology department performed on average 250 exams per day. Rotated weekly through radiology department to surgery, emergency, fluoroscopy, outpatient, portables, injection room, and core coordinator. Performed diagnostic radiological technical work involving the operation of complex x-ray equipment.

  • Performed portable exams in inpatient rooms, ER, ICU, surgery, and morgue.
  • Operated C-arm for procedures such as hip pinning, orthopedic fixation of extremities, spinal fusions and instrumentation, cholangiograms, pacemakers, line placements, ERCP’s, nerve and facet blocks, and feeding tube placements.
  • Assisted medical and nursing staff in the examination and treatment of patients and performed a variety of clerical functions.
  • Educated and prepared patients on procedures; earned patient’s cooperation, helped reduce anxiety and comforted patients during exams.
  • Transported patients to and from Radiology Department; assisted patients on and off radiology tables using proper body mechanics.
  • Protected patients with radiation shielding and proper exposure to radiation.
  • Administered oral, rectal, and intravenous radiographic contrast.
  • Performed all Darkroom and quality control duties.
  • Cleaned and stocked exam rooms; laid out sterile supplies, local anesthetics, contrast materials, and other required equipment.
  • Maintained sterile technique while setting up sterile trays; respected sterile fields in the Operating Room.
  • Adhered to hospital and departmental policies, procedures, and regulations; followed protocol for required personal protective equipment and infection control.
  • Operated computers to track patient workflow, perform x-rays, billing, and PACS.
  • Logged and maintained accurate documentation and records.

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Radiologic technologist

Entry level

Assisted the radiologic unit's supervisor with various projects, inventory control, and patient diagnostic imaging and education. Adhered to patient safety standards and regulations. 

  • Admitted patients into the unit, recording their histories and preparing and educating them about the imaging procedure.
  • Studied patients' charts and physicians' notes before the imaging procedure, facilitating the decision-making on the treatment options by drafting precise reports that accompanied the images.
  • Protected patients from needless exposure to radiation by correctly positioning them, capturing the required areas, and generating clear images.

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Radiologic technologist


Assisted physicians with diagnosing fractures and tumors by imaging over 2000 patients using x-ray and CT equipment.

  • Minimized patient exposure to radiation by correctly positioning them and placing shields during imaging.
  • Produced clear and accurately labeled diagnostic images and films, easing the physicians' interpretation and consequent diagnosis of patients' conditions.
  • Adhered to the Medical Center's regulations when gathering patient information and performing the imaging procedures, guaranteeing patient safety and confidentiality.

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Radiologic technologist


Served over 4000 patients within three years, specializing in radiography, CT, fluoroscopic procedures, and mammography. 

  • Delivered accurate image scans that were instrumental in achieving an over 95% success rate of all diagnoses at the hospital. 
  • Supervised a team of 5 radiological technicians, amplifying their productivity by over 40% through a strategic training and mentorship program.
  • Researched and identified the best patient positions for each diagnostic imaging procedure and guided the junior technicians in generating image scans that facilitated 100% surgical precision.

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