Dietary aide

Dietary aide
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Dietary aide
Dietary aide
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Dietitian resume examples
Experience level

Dietary aide

Entry level

Performed meal preparation and catering services to senior residents in a nursing home. Created specialized recipes that adhered to dietary restrictions.

  • Maintained food temperatures during preparation and service and recorded food temperatures according to guidelines.
  • Practiced infection prevention, hygiene and sanitation, and safe food handling.
  • Interacted with staff and residents in a cordial and personable manner.
  • Participated in continuous quality improvement activities.
  • Consulted with dietary manager for proper cooking techniques.
  • Regularly maintained and cleaned equipment and appliances used for cooking and serving.
  • Recorded inventory of food and ingredients and informed supervisors when supply was low.

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Dietary aide


Performed a variety of job duties for medical clinics and facilities. Worked with staff and patients to provide consistent and thorough care for meeting nutritional requirements.

  • Prepared food portions for regular and restricted diets according to menus and production manuals.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of basic, modified, and special needs nutrition plans.
  • Maintained confidentiality of medical records in accordance with HIPPA regulations.
  • Greeted staff and patients with a warm and friendly demeanor.
  • Adhered to objectives and policies of the Nutritional Services Department.
  • Complied with sanitary regulations and infection control guidelines.
  • Kept records of dietary preferences and accommodations for individuals with medical conditions.

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Dietary aide

Entry level

Partnered with registered Dieticians to create meal plans, monitor patient eating habits, and provide information to patients and their families about dietary issues. Delivered meals and food trays to patients at predetermined times. Supervised meal preparation to ensure that the foods offered to meet a patient's nutritional needs.

  • Maintained clean and orderly food stations for buffets and special events.
  • Restocked pantry stock and communicated with management when inventory is low.
  • Helped kitchen manager in creating menus within the budget as per the special diet plan designed for each patient.
  • Collaborated with Dietitians to ensure patients receive foods that are safe to eat while also meeting nutrition guidelines. Reviewing a patient's dietary requirements
  • Monitored patient/ resident eating habits, reported swallowing/ chewing problems to nursing or medical staff promptly.
  • Inspected meal trays to make sure that foods offered are compliant with a patient's diet restrictions.

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