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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) resume examples
Experience level


Entry level

Completed EMT trainee program and acquired 300 hours of on-field experience while working with a team of 30 first responders.

  • On-field duty as an intern at a medium-sized, 400+ staffed community hospital.
  • Learned to handle and assemble medical equipment provided by the medical staff.
  • Responsible for ambulatory services and remote communication with emergency room personnel.
  • Administered blood transfusions and monitored patients in serious to critical condition.
  • Knowledge in Basic Life Support (BLS) and has a working understanding of Advanced Life Support (ALS).
  • Certified in First Aid, CPR, and use of an AED.

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Provided advanced emergency medical care for critical and emergent patients who accessed the medical system. Performed intervention with the basic and advanced equipment available on an ambulance.

  • Administered life support, first-aid treatment, and other forms of prehospital emergency care to people who are injured or sick.
  • Operated equipment such as bag valve mask resuscitators, external defibrillators, and electrocardiograms for advanced life support applications.
  • Assessed patients’ injury severity and the type and quickly begin appropriate medical procedures.
  • Drove mobile intensive care unit to a predetermined location under the instructions of the emergency medical dispatcher.
  • Recorded and discussed patient injuries and condition with the physician, including any treatments provided and reactions to treatments or drugs.
  • Decontaminated ambulance after transporting or treating any patient with infectious disease. Report infectious disease with relevant authorities.
  • Administered drugs as appropriate and necessary via injection, intravenous procedures, or oral administration under the direction of a physician.
  • Communicated and coordinated with dispatchers, fire department personnel, police, and other emergency medical team members as needed to ensure that all applicable personnel is prepared to receive the patient and ensure proper treatment.

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Worked with a first responder team of 70 to provide care, life support, and ambulatory services for ill and injured patients.

  • Supervised a staff of 20+ trainees in an active and fast-paced environment.
  • Responded to 200+ 911 calls in at-risk and life-threatening situations.
  • Revived and saved 50+ lives in dangerous, high-pressure situations.
  • Operated and drove ambulatory vehicles for medium-sized, 600+ staffed city hospital.
  • Maintained records of patients to track health progresses.
  • Administered medications and handled medical equipment needed to prevent loss of life.
  • Knowledge of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) procedures.

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