Maintenance worker

Maintenance worker
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Maintenance worker
Maintenance worker
Resume examples

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Maintenance technician


Scheduled and accomplished the reconstruction and remodeling maintenance tasks.

  • Examined buildings, conducted assessments, and proposed the optimum technique for undertaking maintenance tasks.
  • Installed or fixed electrical or mechanical components, wiring, plumbing, pipelines, or industrial equipment.
  • Organized and attended meetings with possible third-party stakeholders for contractual considerations for significant development or reconstruction projects.
  • Verified that documents kept safe and that work orders completed on time.
  • Assigned, analyzed, and assembled data on construction and maintenance operations for each building.
  • Used problem-solving and intellectual capacity to assure quality and efficiency for daily chores.
  • Participated in initiatives for career progression.

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HVAC technician


Changed filters, cleaned coils, and ensured the correct operation of condensate flow and safety controls on existing client HVAC systems.

  • Implemented the manufacturer's instructions for appropriate beginning processes while installing EMS control and new HVAC systems.
  • Followed adequate wiring techniques for thermostat controls, roof top units, VAV boxes, sensors, and split systems.
  • Coordinate with air balance firms and other vendors during the implementation of HVAC systems.
  • Offered on and distributed new equipment and supervised the installation of already purchased machinery.
  • Made flat-rate calls and performed routine repairs on HVAC systems.
  • Fixed chiller units in manufacturing operating environments.

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Fixed and preserved the kitchen, sanitation, and other mechanical components, such as heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing and electrical fittings, paintwork, and laundry tools.

  • Defined building requirements. Read blueprints and put them into action.
  • Investigated all electrical components and systems, kept track of all day-to-day scheduled maintenance, and repaired system flaws, breakdowns, or problems.
  • Assisted with structure, concrete, piping, electricity, drywall, and spackling when required.
  • Combined and secured materials to create structures or sculptures using hand tools.
  • Updated the aesthetic of building gateways, as well as the building's inside and outside.

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