Desktop support technician

Desktop support technician
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Desktop support technician
Desktop support technician
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Desktop support technician

Entry level

Provided Tier I Level support in an onsite/multi-site location for clients. Applied technical knowledge of various current protocols, operating systems, and standards working with engineers. Demonstrated a complete understanding of technical manuals, procedural documentation, and OEM guides.

  • Communicated with clients online or by phone to understand descriptions of their computer or network problems.
  • Performed PC and computer installation, setup, and maintenance of hardware and software for new and existing users.
  • Deployed, configured, and provided performance tuning for Apple, Linux, Windows, and servers with other operating systems.
  • Troubleshot hardware and software issues and recommended necessary upgrades and configurations for implementation.
  • Analyzed and diagnosed wired and wireless local area networks and made repairs primarily using remote service software.

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Desktop support technician


Respond to inquiries regarding PC systems and programs at user client sites throughout the city. Resolved complex client issues related to servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, related software, and applications. Installed and customized microcomputer equipment and software as necessary.

  • Delivered technical and programmatic consultation related to the soundness of approach, compliance to technical requirements, and reflection of industry best practices.
  • Work with clients to adequately diagnose their problems and walked them through the recommended problem-solving steps.
  • Trained clients to work with new computer hardware and software, and peripheral devices including external drives, printers, and terminals.
  • Provided business organizations with information about what gives users the most trouble and about other productivity concerns that may exist.
  • Directed IS/IT policies, standards, and procedures to support consistent solutions delivery and effective implementation.

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Desktop support technician


Oversee information system needs, evaluates end-user requirements for complex information system management. Build credibility, establish rapport, and effectively communicates with stakeholders and senior leadership. Serves as a technical expert for escalated service issues and ITSM tools. Provides dedicated IT support to C-level executives at the university.

  • Managed entire spectrum of technical network support to Finance and Administration’s ABC Local Area Network(LAN) including President’s Office, General Counsel, Board of Supervisors, and University Administration Building.
  • Performed data backup, virtual servers, active directory, application installation, security, troubleshooting, and product compatibility.
  • Protected network through DNS filtering to reduce the chances of virus and malware. Monitors DNS activity and blocks IP addresses for end-users as needed.
  • Examine antivirus status, shared storage space, and network activity, adjusting network equipment and settings to improve system performance.
  • Led implementations, installation, upgrades, migrations, migrations, maintenance, support, and optimization of all devices and communication links.
  • Created paper-based and digital operating instructions, manuals, troubleshooting instructions, feedback reports, and “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) to help technical support staff and end-users.

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