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Graphic designer

Entry level

Outstanding drawing and sketching abilities. Very familiar with aesthetic design concepts and layout skills. Design and develop client websites for a wide variety of careers.

  • Create custom logos for internet websites per customer preferences.
  • Assess final layouts and suggest improvements and upgrades as necessary regularly.
  • Takes part in visual media component creation for TV, film, and magazines.
  • Guides other graphic design team members when called upon.

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Entry level

Worked with group to develop drawings and specifications for a simulation model of a Tesla engine. Designated power output limits and came up with a formula to measure the peak-pressure balancing process. Earned an A- in group project.

  • Bachelor of Science Engineering Student employing CAE and CAD tools and structural design for 2D and 3D modeling,
  • Gained valuable experience arranging components using AutoCAD and using SolidWorks to produce mechanical design drawings.
  • Collaborated with Design Director, engineers, Producer, Game Designer, and Art Director.
  • Helped establish product deadlines.

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Fashion designer

Entry level

Broadened the creative vision through extensive travel knowledge of various histories and customs, adapted and improvised to situations due to diversified work experience, and handled multiple projects at a time, ensuring precision and accuracy.

  • Devised costume chart for all characters as the requirement of the scenes in plays & fashion shows.
  • Created final color illustrations of each costume's style with accessories and significant features.
  • Adhered to the budget and performed the appropriate purchases to accomplish the show's costume plot.
  • Monitored the costume crew in altering and repairing any costumes.
  • Organized and attended dress rehearsals with pre-informed timings, meetings, and individual counseling.

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UX designer

Entry level

Took four community college courses to gain knowledge in UX design and information architecture. Completed two internships and one externship to gain hands-on experience in conducting usability tests.

  • Produced CSS, XHTML code, and wireframes that contributed to user-centered design (UCD) efforts for fifty+ Web pages.
  • Completed user research to identify opportunities for improving Delta Corps Web presence.
  • Replaced ambiguous objectives with clear calls to action, increasing Delta Corps’s sales pipeline by 13%.
  • Created more intuitive and easy-to-comprehend site navigation by eliminating unnecessary clicks and misleading labels.

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Creative director

Entry level

Gained first experience leading creative projects while appointed as project lead for most group assignments.

  • Coordinated with members to schedule strategy meetings for each assignment.
  • Delegated research and duties to ensure optimum participation and contribution of each member to the completion of each project.
  • Headed final project presents in front of the entire classroom, detailing project principles, goals and final results.
  • Consistently praised by professors for discipline and dedication to each project.

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Entry level

Crafted and updated brochures and print material for businesses and marketplaces, provided the printed content for the websites and social media pages and created graphic descriptions for the educational content of books and manuals.

  • Studied information and summarized survey results.
  • Gave suggestions for improvements in designs.
  • Engaged with an audience daily to resolve their issues.
  • Designed products for consumers along with their packaging.
  • Handled media runs and ensured color quality.
  • Assisted other teams in developing the products’ visuals.
  • Captured and edited photographs for various businesses.
  • Introduced rebranding of various brands to enhance their online presence.

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Graphic designer

Entry level

Developed unique and business-aligned digital and print designs. Designed layouts for brochures, e-books, and whitepapers and liaised with cross-functional teams in translating briefs into captivating designs that achieved the brand's communication goals.

  • Worked under the digital marketing and product marketing managers in developing designs for online campaigns, including social media and web promotions.
  • Prepared visually alluring and classy PowerPoint presentations for board meetings, client presentations, and pitch materials.
  • Took part in creative thinking sessions, furnishing senior graphic designers with unique ideas that revitalized the graphic design function.

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Entry level

Developed unique and business-aligned 3D digital and print designs. Created 3D designs for refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. Liaised with cross-functional teams in incorporating briefs into the designs to achieve the brand's marketing goals.

  • Worked under the senior 3D Designer, chief engineer, and product marketing manager, developing designs for current product improvements and promotion.
  • Prepared visually alluring and stylish PowerPoint presentations for board meetings, client presentations, and pitch materials.
  • Took part in creative thinking sessions, furnishing senior 3D designers with unique ideas that were instrumental in improving the product design function.

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Fashion designer

Entry level

Educative internship position at Off-White which facilitated the real-world application of skills learned at fashion school.

  • Worked within a team to develop illustrations for new design idea and concepts.
  • Under the supervision of the head designer, selected and ordered fabrics, trimmings and embellishments suited to each design to create the final look.
  • Drew inspiration from nature, common areas and people to create artworks and illustrations for scarves, ties, sweaters, etc.
  • Leverage active learning and design skills to contribute towards the creation and production of statement items like handbags, shoes, hats, etc.

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Creative director

Entry level

Introductory position into the world of professional content creation and creative direction.

  • Along with a group of friends, started a venture and took on the position of creative director to strategically produce and release short, but engaging video contents online.
  • Monitored audiences’ response to each uploaded content to determine what topics are most appealing to them.
  • Doubled engagements and reach across all social media platforms within 6 months.
  • Scheduled strategic collaborations with other content creators to gain access to a different pool of audience.

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