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Graphic designer


Directed team effort to create comprehensive but understandable policy manuals and educational materials for freelance designers and newly hired employees. Earned multiple awards for design support to several field offices and corporate headquarters.

  • Recruited by XYZ Corporation to assume role of Senior Graphic Designer.
  • Created software for the process of analyzing mortgage rates; developed macros that led to a five-fold increase in productivity.
  • Managed websites for distributing client information to more than 450 loan officers.
  • Published digital and print marketing highlighting load products, financial statistics, and consumer education.

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Guide and mentor other designers on the team. Staying up to date with design industry evolution including technologies, best practices, and new trends. Develop new research and test hypotheses that result in leading-edge design solutions.

  • Manage all development across departments with product development and design assistants to ensure the quality of information available for manufacturing.
  • Supervise product development teams to create new designs for conceptual analysis.
  • Organize design development which includes initial development, artwork, fabric worksheets, line list, and finalized tech pack.
  • Present work to CEOs and managers and an array of stakeholders to upgrade work based on their feedback.

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Fashion designer


Worked for apparel and wedding dress makers, as well as design and alteration businesses, possesses extensive design experience, and personalized and tailored wedding and evening gowns with a unique design.

  • Made alterations and adjustments in any fabrication or design.
  • Controlled and supervised the entire store to manage employees.
  • Allocated and adjusted daily duties and actions by appointing   labor, estimated work orders, and interacted with customers.
  • Acquired materials to keep the store functional for clothing alterations and modifications.
  • Handled store's management and administration.
  • Ensured central manufacturing of wedding gowns for smooth supply to stores.
  • Generated Clothing design and pattern creation on various fabrics.

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UX designer


Comprehend and internalize corporation’s brand strategy and conceptualize ideas through visualizations that connect the customers and end-users. Brings robust, user-centered design skills and business acumen to translate complicated multilevel workflows into exceptional design solutions.

  • Highly experienced in UX/UI design within an agency setting. This includes 7+ years including graphic and other design experience
  • Works with multiple stakeholders daily and can communicate what the design solves and justifies the solution. Stakeholders included Product Management, Development, Design, and Vendors.
  • Participate in user research employing industry-accepted documentation and methodologies including market research, interviews, competitive audits, user personas, user journeys, scenarios, and card sorting.
  • Create medium-fidelity wireframes, information architecture, and clickable prototypes that realize the vision from assembled product and user research.

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Creative director


Executive positon encompassing strategic vision and implementation of innovative concepts in support of a busy agency.

  • Proposed and followed through on the establishment of the in-house graphic design department to cut back on outsourced projects and increase revenue income.
  • Designed and launched unique and impactful campaigns that efficiently communicate each clients’ brand message and resonates with its target audience.
  • Managed relations with all stakeholders to ensure unified project vision and execution.
  • Maintained direct oversight on all creative teams in charge of all stages of campaign design process from inception to actualization.

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Contacted clients to find rebranding alternatives in marketing and advertising material such as logos, ad copies, samples, pamphlets, and brochure designs and coached trainees on taking photographs for the websites and gave instructions on creating sign boards for promotion of products.

  • Designed, created, and developed finished illustrations for artists and businesses.
  • Assisted multiple presenters with revamping and discovering possible approaches for their talk emoticons.
  • Utilized current trends and styles for devising new designs and illustrations with contemporary colors and schemes. 
  • Demonstrated advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchbook pro.
  • Improved the visual appeal of printed materials.
  • Adopted various styles to fulfill the client's needs and desires.

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Graphic designer


Frequently sought out by clients from various industries, including but not limited to financial services, automotive sales, retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. Worked on brand promotion projects such as adverts, logos, web design, and social media banners.

  • Leveraged Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in creating concepts and designs for over 50 clients, promoting technology, healthcare, automotive, and consumer products.
  • Redesigned ABC Company's logo, created their famous "doobie doo" advert, and developed visual content for their Instagram and Twitter posts, increasing their conversion rate by 30%.

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Frequently sought out by clients from various industries, including but not limited to appliances manufacturers, furniture makers, and automotive assemblers. Worked on 3D design projects for electronics, vehicle parts, and furniture. 

  • Leveraged SolidWorks and AutoCAD in creating 3D designs for over 50 clients' products, including refrigerators, sofas, tables, car bumpers, rims, and seats.
  • Redesigned XYZ Company's flagship air conditioner, created an animated 3D model, and assisted with developing visual content for their Instagram posts, increasing their conversion rate by 30%.

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