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Maintained a client portfolio consisting of celebrities and top executives to attend to their cosmetic and beauty requirements for casual, executive or glamorous engagements.

  • Catalogued different skin preps, hairstyles and beauty products suitable for different occasions.
  • Researched new trends and treatments within the beauty industry to consolidate routines, regimens and achieve noticeable results.
  • Offered consultations to clients within and outside the country, ensuring to adequately assess traits, along with internal and external conditions that could affect the skin, to develop comprehensive recommendations.
  • Featured on Metro Magazine for developing a guide of glam looks suitable for a variety of occasions.

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Hair stylist

Entry level

Entry-level position which provided the opportunity to improve upon, and perfect skills learned in school, whilst developing a distinct approach to maintaining relations with clients.

  • Worked under the supervision of the head hairstylist to provide haircare services encompassing scalp treatments, hair washing, trimmings, etc.
  • Developed a distinct approach to welcoming clients and inquiring about their needs, earning commendations from supervisors and a 100% client satisfaction rate.
  • Ensured all tools and cosmetics used in providing services to clients are arranged in order for easy access and properly maintained in accordance with established health and safety guidelines.
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to provide premium customer service to new and existing clients, building customer loyalty and retention rate.

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Makeup artist


Multifaceted role which prompted the development of relations and collaboration skills to work efficiently within a diverse and fast-paced environment.

  • Provided top-tier application of makeup and beauty products to a diverse clientele to suit different occasions, from weddings to editorial shoots.
  • Kept abreast of developing beauty trends and new application techniques to provide premium services to clients and efficiently respond to their enquiries.
  • Prepared and maintained all cosmetics and applications tool in accordance with established health and safety guidelines.
  • Recommended compatible products and cosmetics to clients, and maintained a satisfaction rate of over 98%.

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Leadership position at Billy’s Barber Shop with responsibilities encompassing the management of the operations of 3 associate barbers and the training of 2 interns to ensure that Billy’s recognized and loved customer service style was delivered to every patron.

  • Continuously researched and developed haircutting techniques to deliver new and exciting haircuts to patrons that accentuates their features.
  • Leveraged communication and relations skills to nurture positive working relationships with other barbers in the shop to promote a conducive and welcoming environment to patrons.
  • Increased customer retention rate by 50% by utilizing customer relations skills to inquire about their hair and preferences to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their needs and hair goals.
  • Provided unrivaled customer service and an optimized customer experience to each patron, resulting in a significant increase in customer referrals.

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Nail technician


Challenging role which prompted the development of critical customer relations skills to attend to every client and ensure their preferences are delivered.

  • Established and nurtured relationships with top nail and beauty influencers to develop and continuously update an extensive catalogue of creative nail arts and designs.
  • Researched and optimized skills to deliver top-notch cosmetology services to clients, ensuring to adhere to all specified health and safety guidelines.
  • Scheduled individual and group appointments, while providing clients with informed advice on a combination of new services and/or products offered by the salon to accommodate their needs.
  • Optimized sales and increased customer satisfaction rate by providing clients with an individualized customer service experience that caters to their specific needs and optimizes overall satisfaction.

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Beauty advisor

Entry level

Worked as a cosmetics salesperson for a skincare and makeup brand, performing demonstrations to show the effectiveness of various beauty products.

  • Assisted customers with finding products in store.
  • Answered questions regarding the contents in beauty products.
  • Offered discount and sales specials to customers.
  • Arranged store displays and decorated for special events including holidays.
  • Represented company at events and promoted services and products.
  • Took payments from customers and processed receipts and refunds.
  • Created surveys for customers to fill out to best help them and to improve services.
  • Updated social media websites to creatively advertise products and services.

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Entry level

Having decided upon a specialization in Theatrical and Performance Makeup, worked extensively to gain real world experience with small theatres locally to develop and extensive portfolio and build a network of industry contacts.

  • Developed theatrical makeup concepts for 3 small sized productions by working with local theatres.
  • Studied scripts to develop an understanding of the types of cosmetics and tools needed to create specific looks that would fit the tone of the production.
  • Assisted and shadowed experienced industry professionals to hone skills and pick up tricks they have learned over the years to elevate the outcomes of work.
  • Applied customer service and communication skills to put actors at ease and ensure a smooth work process.

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Hair stylist


Challenging role which required creativity and active learning skills to keep up within a fast changing industry.

  • Developed a network of culturally diverse clients by leveraging relations and client management skills to increase customer satisfaction and secure referrals.
  • Continuously researched new techniques and honed skills in caring for different hair textures/types to deliver the best experience to customers.
  • Trained new stylists on the store’s recognized customer service practices to ensure that the store’s unique standards are maintained.
  • Developed and maintained a detailed catalogue of hairstyles and treatments suited to each clients’ unique hair type and facial structure.

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Makeup artist

Entry level

Worked as a freelance makeup artist to cultivate relations skills and perfect makeup application techniques. Developed an extensive portfolio through freelance and collaborative work.

  • Collaborated with different industry professionals like photographers, stylists and models to develop statement makeup looks that complement the model’s features, and is harmonious with the clothing and lighting styles.
  • Liaised with a hairstylist to deliver impeccable and durable bridal looks brides and bridesmaids, received tremendously positive feedback.
  • Offered consultations to clients to assess their needs and apply makeup looks fitting to their appointments.
  • Worked with a local studio to elevate their photos by offering free makeup services for different walk-in clients.

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Entry level

Worked for a locally owned barbershop catering to clientele ages 25+. Cleaned and sanitized salon floors, chairs, protective capes, and hair cutting and styling equipment on a regular basis.

  • Maintained a friendly and engaging disposition when interacting with staff and clients.
  • Scheduled appointments and amended time slots when necessary (e.g., cancellations, rescheduling).
  • Provided clients with pictures of hairstyles to give them style ideas and suggestions.
  • Managed cutting and shaving equipment carefully and patiently while attending to clients.
  • Maintained payment information and kept client records in computer database.
  • Established long-term professional relationships with clients.

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