Hair stylist

Hair stylist
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Hair stylist
Hair stylist
Resume examples

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Hair stylist

Entry level

Entry-level position which provided the opportunity to improve upon, and perfect skills learned in school, whilst developing a distinct approach to maintaining relations with clients.

  • Worked under the supervision of the head hairstylist to provide haircare services encompassing scalp treatments, hair washing, trimmings, etc.
  • Developed a distinct approach to welcoming clients and inquiring about their needs, earning commendations from supervisors and a 100% client satisfaction rate.
  • Ensured all tools and cosmetics used in providing services to clients are arranged in order for easy access and properly maintained in accordance with established health and safety guidelines.
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to provide premium customer service to new and existing clients, building customer loyalty and retention rate.

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Hair stylist


Challenging role which required creativity and active learning skills to keep up within a fast changing industry.

  • Developed a network of culturally diverse clients by leveraging relations and client management skills to increase customer satisfaction and secure referrals.
  • Continuously researched new techniques and honed skills in caring for different hair textures/types to deliver the best experience to customers.
  • Trained new stylists on the store’s recognized customer service practices to ensure that the store’s unique standards are maintained.
  • Developed and maintained a detailed catalogue of hairstyles and treatments suited to each clients’ unique hair type and facial structure.

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Hair stylist


Multifaceted role encompassing leadership, customer and business relations skills to efficiently run a customer-focused hair salon whilst coordinating the work schedules of 6 hairstylists to ensure that all appointments are met.

  • Worked in collaboration designers and stylists to develop complete looks for notable  fashion magazines and headlining fashion shows.
  • Efficiently coordinated over 6 hairstylists at a time within fast-changing environments to ensure that every step is done perfectly to deliver the requested styles.
  • Consistently researched and developed new techniques in hair treatments and styling to ensure that all clients’ beauty goals are met.
  • Employed customer service and relations skills to manage a large and culturally diverse clientele while delivering premium customer service.

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Hair stylist


Provided multiple hair services to 100+ premium clients, such as cutting, coloring, straightening, styling, shampooing, and extensions. 

  • Upsold various hair products to clients based on their hair type and concerns or preferences, amplifying sales by 25%.
  • Enhanced the junior stylists' performance by continuously improving the hair styling training protocols, gaining over 2000 5-star ratings on the Salon's social media pages.
  • Increased tips by 20% through best-in-class service and tailored recommendations on various hair treatments, color care, and the latest trends. 

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Hair stylist

Entry level

Served 5+ clients daily, specializing in the latest styles including but not limited to balayage and reverse balayage, relaxing, gloss, etc. 

  • Implemented additional services such as free pedicure and hair care advice, increasing the number of repeat customers by 14%.
  • Maintained high hygiene standards by thoroughly cleaning hairstyling tools and the floor after serving each client, achieving an over 95% client approval score.
  • Utilized exceptional customer service skills in upselling various hair styling and treatment products to clients, increasing sales by 30%.

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