Objectives and summaries

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Objectives and summaries
Resume Examples Objectives and summaries Templates

39Cosmetology objectives and summaries found

A well-written objective or summary on your resume can be the difference between getting rejected, or getting invited for an interview. Copy any of these Cosmetology objective or summary examples, and use it as inspiration for your own resume. All examples are written by certified resume experts, and free for personal use.

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Summary examples

Newly Certified Cosmetologist, recognized for fast developing skills in the application of beauty treatments encompassing hair and skin care, cosmetics, manicures and pedicures, etc. Offering customer service and communication skills developed in previous client-facing positions with the hospitality industry.

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Knowledgeable and creative cosmetologist with a trail of satisfied clients. Leveraging an extensive knowledge of cosmetic products compositions, fashion, hair and skin types as well as facial structures to provide clients with an exceptional and comprehensive service that takes all if their unique traits and preferences into consideration.

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Skilled Cosmetologist with 3+ years of experience in providing beauty solutions, including hair, skin, and nail care. Proven capacity to leverage a solid grasp of beauty products and styles in providing recommendations to clients. A client-centric professional renowned for increasing return customers courtesy of amazing beauty experiences.

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Objective examples

Enthusiastic professional seeking cosmetologist roles in an established beauty salon or spa to apply and continuously improve the acquired skills.

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Creative, personable, and client-focused Cosmetologist with in-depth knowledge of the latest trends across the globe. Seeking a new role within ABC Salon and Spa to enhance the client experience.

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Dedicated cosmetologist, recognized for providing top-notch beauty services to a diverse clientele, from providing attentive haircare, to relaxing massages and providing knowledgeable recommendations to treat various skin conditions. Awarded best employee twice in a row and now looking to take on a more challenging role within an established organization that allows for further career growth.

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Summary examples

Responsible and attentive barber with skills in washing, styling, cutting, communication, and listening. Frequently talks with clients while working on their personal care to build a sense of comfort and camaraderie. Takes exceptional care of equipment and maintains a welcoming atmosphere.

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Accommodating and meticulous barbershop professional with 4 years of experience providing customers with friendly and quality service. Skilled in applying hair coloring and styling treatments and attentive when using electric and hand-held razors and scissors. Listens carefully to customer feedback.

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Personable and creative barber recognized for delivering clean haircuts while ensuring the health and upkeep of patrons’ hairs. By maintaining a welcoming and conducive environment, clients are able to relax and enjoy their time at the shop which encourages customer loyalty and expands the customer base.

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Objective examples

Customer-oriented barber focused on delivering a personalized experience to each client by assessing their needs and noting their preferences. Looking to secure a position at a beauty establishment where developed expertise in customer service and hairstyling can be leveraged to bring value to patrons.

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Friendly and meticulous hair cutting professional with 7 years of experience in search of part-time job opportunity with an independent barbershop for providing customers with exceptional and caring service.

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Hair stylist

Summary examples

Tenacious and creative hair stylist practiced in providing immersive and relaxing hair treatments and creating attractive hairstyles suited to the unique features of clients. Adept at listening and adhering to directions given by customers and superiors to achieve the most flattering results.

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Creative Hairstylist with two years of experience styling clients of various ages and races. Stays up to date on the latest hairstyles, leveraging this knowledge in providing exceptional service to clients to enable them to achieve their desired looks. Brings valuable techniques, including creative color and ombre, extensions, hair health maintenance, etc.

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Artistic Hair Stylist with 5+ years of experience and expertise in trendy hairstyles. Expertise in ombre and balayage procedures for stagy, bespoke effects, natural transitions, and a variety of styles. Renowned for excellent customer service skills, the ability to operate in a fast-paced workplace, keen attention to detail, and an optimistic, vibrant mood.

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Objective examples

Versatile and creative hairstylist recognized for skills in reimagining iconic hairstyles to deliver a modern twist that makes them more desirable to the younger clientele. Looking to secure a position at a structured haircare establishment which provides the opportunity to work with clients to help them achieve their beauty goals.

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Customer-focused hairstylist offering a record of success in managing relations with a culturally diverse clientele to deliver premium haircare services that accentuates the beauty of their unique hair types. Looking to bring experience in working with and managing relations with a diverse clientele to a larger and client-focused organization.

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Passionate Hair Stylist with two years of experience in cutting, styling, shampooing, and coloring multi-racial hair. Seeking a new position with ABC Salon to improve on current skills.

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Makeup artist

Summary examples

Creative makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist with proven skills in customer relations and product knowledge to deliver knowledgeable suggestions to clients to ensure their beauty goals are met. Offering a diverse portfolio of impeccable looks encompassing bridal makeups, statement makeups, etc. Dedicated to consistently developing skills and researching new techniques to make the application process smoother.

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Accomplished Makeup Artist and licensed cosmetologist offering over 4 years’ industry experience. Leveraging proven skills in sales and extensive product knowledge to deliver top-tier customer service and makeup looks to patrons within a structured beauty establishment. With recognized skills in promptly delivering impeccable looks while using easy application techniques to eliminate irritation.

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Recognized Content Creator and Makeup Artist with over 30k Instagram followers, adept at levering social media marketing strategies to promote tested brand’s premium product whilst influencing beauty trends. Offering over 6 years’ industry experience in efficiently assessing client’s needs, preference and unique traits to accentuate their features and help them attain  their beauty goals.

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Objective examples

Accomplished makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist offering over 5 years’ experience. Recognized for leveraging knowledge of cosmetic product compositions and deft application techniques to deliver premium makeup service to clients. Looking to secure a position at an established beauty brand that allows for career growth and is focused on optimized customer experience.

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Imaginative and personable makeup artist, recognized for growing Acme Beauty’s online presence and driving customers to the physical store by posting about the stores on my personal account which has 30K+ followers. Looking to secure a position at a beauty establishment that grants access to a larger and diverse clientele, whilst facilitating extensive career growth.

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Nail technician

Summary examples

Precise and attentive nail technician with 3 years of experience in providing quality care and service to customers. Knowledgeable in cuticle treatments, nail filing and shaping techniques, and polish application and removal. Maintains a personable demeanor when interacting with customers.

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Engaging and creative nail care professional with an eye for detail and originality. Familiar with a variety of applications for improving the appearance of nails and the best filing and polishing techniques to enhance the appearance of both fingernails and toenails.

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Detail-oriented and creative nail technician with a certification in cosmetology from ACME School of Beauty. Offering over 4 year’s professional experience in providing impeccable manicure services to customers while adhering to all defined safety and health guidelines. Recognized for delivering novel designs by regularly keeping up with developing beauty trends.

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Objective examples

Personable and creative nail technician recognized for consistently delivering new and exciting nail arts that peak the fancy of clients. Looking to deliver premium customer service and to patrons of an innovative beauty establishment.

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Compassionate and meticulous manicurist with 5 years of experience in search of employment opportunity with reputable beauty spa for providing customers with both nail and skin care.

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Beauty advisor

Summary examples

Enthusiastic and observant beauty advising professional with knowledge on a variety of products including skin and hair treatments, makeup tools and applications. Listens to customers’ needs and puts in extra time to ensure customers are satisfied with products and services.

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People-oriented and intuitive beauty sales representative with 8 years of experience advising customers on the best products and methods for improving their appearance and building confidence. Proven sales records with positive testimonials from clients. Keeps informed on trends and breakthroughs in the industry.

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Knowledgeable Beauty Advisor leveraging an extensive network of industry professionals and expertise in cosmetology to provide comprehensive beauty routines and plans for a variety of clients that help them attain their desired beauty goals. At ACME Beauty Consulting, specialized in providing beauty consultations to a diverse clientele by developing individualized and simplified routines help them attain their goals.

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Objective examples

Customer-focused Beauty Advisor dedicated to providing consultations to clients and developing customized regimens that is suited to their needs. Looking to secure a position at an innovative beauty establishment where practiced skills in customer service can be put to use to provide value to clients.

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Creative and independent wardrobe stylist with 6 years of experience in search of a position with a fashion and lifestyle brand for selecting seasonal fashions to feature in editorials.

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Productive and caring beautician with 9 years of experience in cosmetics sales seeking a position with a beauty clinic to help clients make informed decisions on various products.

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