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Leadership position at Billy’s Barber Shop with responsibilities encompassing the management of the operations of 3 associate barbers and the training of 2 interns to ensure that Billy’s recognized and loved customer service style was delivered to every patron.

  • Continuously researched and developed haircutting techniques to deliver new and exciting haircuts to patrons that accentuates their features.
  • Leveraged communication and relations skills to nurture positive working relationships with other barbers in the shop to promote a conducive and welcoming environment to patrons.
  • Increased customer retention rate by 50% by utilizing customer relations skills to inquire about their hair and preferences to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their needs and hair goals.
  • Provided unrivaled customer service and an optimized customer experience to each patron, resulting in a significant increase in customer referrals.

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Entry level

Worked for a locally owned barbershop catering to clientele ages 25+. Cleaned and sanitized salon floors, chairs, protective capes, and hair cutting and styling equipment on a regular basis.

  • Maintained a friendly and engaging disposition when interacting with staff and clients.
  • Scheduled appointments and amended time slots when necessary (e.g., cancellations, rescheduling).
  • Provided clients with pictures of hairstyles to give them style ideas and suggestions.
  • Managed cutting and shaving equipment carefully and patiently while attending to clients.
  • Maintained payment information and kept client records in computer database.
  • Established long-term professional relationships with clients.

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Owned and operated a barbershop catering to military personnel and families.

  • Discussed with clients the cuts and stylings of their choice and the processes to accomplish the job.
  • Mentored and supervised entry-level employees by teaching them proper washing, cutting, and styling methods and techniques.
  • Kept shop cleaned daily by sweeping and discarding shorn hair pieces.
  • Disinfected combs, brushes, clippers, and razors by soaking them in Barbicide.
  • Provided kid-friendly items such as stickers, coloring books, and candy to help young clients feel comfortable.
  • Held “theme days” for holidays and other special occasions to attract customers and provide discounts.

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