Beauty advisor

Beauty advisor
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Beauty advisor
Beauty advisor
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Beauty advisor

Entry level

Worked as a cosmetics salesperson for a skincare and makeup brand, performing demonstrations to show the effectiveness of various beauty products.

  • Assisted customers with finding products in store.
  • Answered questions regarding the contents in beauty products.
  • Offered discount and sales specials to customers.
  • Arranged store displays and decorated for special events including holidays.
  • Represented company at events and promoted services and products.
  • Took payments from customers and processed receipts and refunds.
  • Created surveys for customers to fill out to best help them and to improve services.
  • Updated social media websites to creatively advertise products and services.

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Beauty advisor


Multifaceted role requiring research, relations and communication skills to efficiently deduce customers’ beauty needs and provide them with suitable options that could meet those needs.

  • Led service consultation meetings to learn about clients' history, preferences and needs to develop a comprehensive beauty regimen that helps them achieve their beauty goals.
  • Maintained communication with clients to follow up on their progress and get their feedback on recommended products.
  • Deepened knowledge of beauty products carried by the store to promptly provide clients with advice on items that would suit their skin type and preferences.
  • Streamlined the establishment's customer service processes to deliver a standardized customer experience.

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Beauty advisor


Advised customers on a variety of cosmetic issues from age reversal to eye enhancement and offered products that suited their needs.

  • Established long-term professional relationships with customers resulting in repeated sales.
  • Used store budget to purchase products and restocked shelves with latest items.
  • Attended conventions to meet and network with other advisors and salespersons.
  • Learned about new developments in the beauty industry and informed staff and customers.
  • Gave makeovers to customers to demonstrate the positive attributes of products.
  • Listened to feedback and read reviews from customers to better understand how to help.

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