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Maintained a client portfolio consisting of celebrities and top executives to attend to their cosmetic and beauty requirements for casual, executive or glamorous engagements.

  • Catalogued different skin preps, hairstyles and beauty products suitable for different occasions.
  • Researched new trends and treatments within the beauty industry to consolidate routines, regimens and achieve noticeable results.
  • Offered consultations to clients within and outside the country, ensuring to adequately assess traits, along with internal and external conditions that could affect the skin, to develop comprehensive recommendations.
  • Featured on Metro Magazine for developing a guide of glam looks suitable for a variety of occasions.

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Hair stylist


Multifaceted role encompassing leadership, customer and business relations skills to efficiently run a customer-focused hair salon whilst coordinating the work schedules of 6 hairstylists to ensure that all appointments are met.

  • Worked in collaboration designers and stylists to develop complete looks for notable  fashion magazines and headlining fashion shows.
  • Efficiently coordinated over 6 hairstylists at a time within fast-changing environments to ensure that every step is done perfectly to deliver the requested styles.
  • Consistently researched and developed new techniques in hair treatments and styling to ensure that all clients’ beauty goals are met.
  • Employed customer service and relations skills to manage a large and culturally diverse clientele while delivering premium customer service.

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Owned and operated a barbershop catering to military personnel and families.

  • Discussed with clients the cuts and stylings of their choice and the processes to accomplish the job.
  • Mentored and supervised entry-level employees by teaching them proper washing, cutting, and styling methods and techniques.
  • Kept shop cleaned daily by sweeping and discarding shorn hair pieces.
  • Disinfected combs, brushes, clippers, and razors by soaking them in Barbicide.
  • Provided kid-friendly items such as stickers, coloring books, and candy to help young clients feel comfortable.
  • Held “theme days” for holidays and other special occasions to attract customers and provide discounts.

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Makeup artist


Seasoned makeup artist attending recognized names within Hollywood. Leveraging deft application techniques to deliver premium makeup services to top clients.

  • Coordinated with top stylists to develop impeccable makeup looks that complement the overall aesthetics of the outfit, whilst accentuating the features of the client.
  • Liaised with top designers to develop complementing makeup looks for headlining fashion shows and outfits.
  • Oversaw 3 makeup associates to properly coach them in real world work ethics and provide them with trusted tips to improve their makeup application skills.
  • Featured on a reputable fashion magazine – Metro Magazine – to develop a detailed guide for makeup looks to suit different occasions.

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Nail technician


Owned a family operated nail salon, where I established and maintained personal and professional relationships with clients to grow both my business and the community.

  • Took care of the inventory for salon including nail files, skin treatments, nail polishes, polish remover, nail clippers, brushes.
  • Trained and mentored junior employees by teaching them the correct nail filing techniques and proper sanitization of salon equipment.
  • Kept up with trends in cosmetology and nail care.
  • Advised clients on proper nail maintenance techniques.
  • Created a comfortable salon atmosphere including magazines, soft lighting, and calming music to help customers feel relaxed.
  • Asked customers for input and suggestions to improve their salon experiences.

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Beauty advisor


Advised customers on a variety of cosmetic issues from age reversal to eye enhancement and offered products that suited their needs.

  • Established long-term professional relationships with customers resulting in repeated sales.
  • Used store budget to purchase products and restocked shelves with latest items.
  • Attended conventions to meet and network with other advisors and salespersons.
  • Learned about new developments in the beauty industry and informed staff and customers.
  • Gave makeovers to customers to demonstrate the positive attributes of products.
  • Listened to feedback and read reviews from customers to better understand how to help.

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