Makeup artist

Makeup artist
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Makeup artist
Makeup artist
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Makeup artist


Multifaceted role which prompted the development of relations and collaboration skills to work efficiently within a diverse and fast-paced environment.

  • Provided top-tier application of makeup and beauty products to a diverse clientele to suit different occasions, from weddings to editorial shoots.
  • Kept abreast of developing beauty trends and new application techniques to provide premium services to clients and efficiently respond to their enquiries.
  • Prepared and maintained all cosmetics and applications tool in accordance with established health and safety guidelines.
  • Recommended compatible products and cosmetics to clients, and maintained a satisfaction rate of over 98%.

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Makeup artist

Entry level

Worked as a freelance makeup artist to cultivate relations skills and perfect makeup application techniques. Developed an extensive portfolio through freelance and collaborative work.

  • Collaborated with different industry professionals like photographers, stylists and models to develop statement makeup looks that complement the model’s features, and is harmonious with the clothing and lighting styles.
  • Liaised with a hairstylist to deliver impeccable and durable bridal looks brides and bridesmaids, received tremendously positive feedback.
  • Offered consultations to clients to assess their needs and apply makeup looks fitting to their appointments.
  • Worked with a local studio to elevate their photos by offering free makeup services for different walk-in clients.

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Makeup artist

Entry level

Worked as an assistant make-up artist for theatre performances, fashion shows, charity events, and costume galas.

  • Performed makeup applications for two prestigious red-carpet premieres.
  • Provided cosmetic support as an assistant for the cast of a Broadway musical.
  • Offered advice to clients regarding eye and skin care tips and makeup application techniques.
  • Adhered to basic hygienic practices by cleaning and sanitizing cosmetic supplies and maintaining makeup studio.
  • Researched, purchased, and kept and inventory of hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-animal tested products for use with regular clients.
  • Studied the best practices for applying makeup in a variety of settings.

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Makeup artist


Seasoned makeup artist attending recognized names within Hollywood. Leveraging deft application techniques to deliver premium makeup services to top clients.

  • Coordinated with top stylists to develop impeccable makeup looks that complement the overall aesthetics of the outfit, whilst accentuating the features of the client.
  • Liaised with top designers to develop complementing makeup looks for headlining fashion shows and outfits.
  • Oversaw 3 makeup associates to properly coach them in real world work ethics and provide them with trusted tips to improve their makeup application skills.
  • Featured on a reputable fashion magazine – Metro Magazine – to develop a detailed guide for makeup looks to suit different occasions.

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