Nail technician

Nail technician
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Nail technician
Nail technician
Resume examples

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Nail technician


Challenging role which prompted the development of critical customer relations skills to attend to every client and ensure their preferences are delivered.

  • Established and nurtured relationships with top nail and beauty influencers to develop and continuously update an extensive catalogue of creative nail arts and designs.
  • Researched and optimized skills to deliver top-notch cosmetology services to clients, ensuring to adhere to all specified health and safety guidelines.
  • Scheduled individual and group appointments, while providing clients with informed advice on a combination of new services and/or products offered by the salon to accommodate their needs.
  • Optimized sales and increased customer satisfaction rate by providing clients with an individualized customer service experience that caters to their specific needs and optimizes overall satisfaction.

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Nail technician

Entry level

Worked for a mid-sized beauty spa as a nail filer, advising customers on nail stylings including French manicures, acrylic manicures, basic manicures, and gel manicures.

  • Scheduled appointments with customers.
  • Performed manicures and pedicures using quality products and precise attentiveness.
  • Engaged in light and friendly conversation while attending to customers for building ease and comfort.
  • Listened to criticism and feedback from supervisors and customers and followed through with all input.
  • Maintained a clean and sanitized workspace and regularly replaced old filing equipment and nail care formulas.
  • Assisted store managers with choosing and ordering inventory for salon.

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Nail technician


Owned a family operated nail salon, where I established and maintained personal and professional relationships with clients to grow both my business and the community.

  • Took care of the inventory for salon including nail files, skin treatments, nail polishes, polish remover, nail clippers, brushes.
  • Trained and mentored junior employees by teaching them the correct nail filing techniques and proper sanitization of salon equipment.
  • Kept up with trends in cosmetology and nail care.
  • Advised clients on proper nail maintenance techniques.
  • Created a comfortable salon atmosphere including magazines, soft lighting, and calming music to help customers feel relaxed.
  • Asked customers for input and suggestions to improve their salon experiences.

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