Objectives and summaries

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Objectives and summaries
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A well-written objective or summary on your resume can be the difference between getting rejected, or getting invited for an interview. Copy any of these Communication objective or summary examples, and use it as inspiration for your own resume. All examples are written by certified resume experts, and free for personal use.

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Communication manager

Summary examples

Innovative and efficient communication manager having expertise in strategy development and maintaining cross-function communications through proper planning, implementation, and monitoring of effective marketing strategies. Proven success to ensure superb customer satisfaction by delivering cost-effective solutions in a matrix-based environment. Possesses excellent organizational, interpersonal written skills to maintain effective communication within the organization.

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Ambitious and customer-centric communication manager with expertise in product management, data analytics and crafting effective marketing strategies to meet business goals and objectives. Exemplified success in maintaining excellent relations with clients to ensure customer retention and satisfaction. Commendable organizational and communication skills to enhance active and engaging interaction among various departments in an organization.

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Creative and analytic professional, having 10+ years of experience in managing multi-level communication, organizing public relations campaigns, and supervising the preparation of marketing materials. Expert in planning, developing, implementing, monitoring, and analyzing marketing campaigns to ensure business development and customer satisfaction. Possesses a consistent and positive attitude towards customer service issues and ensuring community relations.

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Objective examples

A dedicated and ambitious communication manager having expertise in customer satisfaction, cross-function communication and data analysis is seeking an opportunity to utilize excellent communication and interpersonal skills for crafting interactive solutions for critical business challenges.

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Dedicated and hard-working professional bringing five years of Corporate Communications Management experience, seeking a position to oversee and implement internal and external communication strategies that increase brand awareness and drive revenue. Deep knowledge across all social media platforms.

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Communication specialist

Summary examples

Self-motivated and creative communication specialist, having experience creating effective promotional strategies and content to meet business goals and objectives. Demonstrates progress in retaining excellent client relationships to enhance customer retention and satisfaction. Outstanding written and oral communication skills to encourage active and healthy direct involvement among various departments within an organization.

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Innovative and strategic communication specialist, having expertise in content development for proper planning, implementation, and monitoring of various communication techniques. Proven success to work as an effective teammate in a matrix-based collaborative environment to drive engaging communications at all organizational levels. Possesses excellent written and verbal communications skills to ensure the application of initiatives aligned with business goals.

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Creative goal-oriented communications professional having 15+ years of experience in content creation and editing, strategic communication and change management. Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills to craft presentations, speeches, talking points, video scripts and visual illustrations aligned with business goals and objectives. Focuses on cross-cultural team coordination & collaboration to foster team engagement and hands-on expertise in business & communication tools.

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Objective examples

A creative and analytic communication specialist with expertise in developing content for visual illustrations & presentations is seeking an opportunity to employ excellent written and oral communication, organizational and problem-solving skills to plan and execute interactive solutions for critical business challenges.

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Dedicated individual with over 6 years’ experience in brand marketing with domestic and international, start-up and entrepreneurial cultures. Seeking a position as a communication specialist at a corporate firm to further develop professional skills within this fast-paced, evolving industry.

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