Veterinary technician

Veterinary technician
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Veterinary technician
Veterinary technician
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Veterinary technician


Assisted doctors with prep patients for surgery and minor procedures, and proactively set up any equipment/tools to be used for a patient as well as collect laboratory samples in accordance with the state's Veterinary Practice Act. Documented any changes in a pet’s condition and vital signs in medical records. Communicated with a doctor of any unusual medical or behavioral problems.

  • Supported veterinarians to ensure quality veterinary care, advocate for pets, and educated clients.
  • Helped veterinarians and the medical team to maximize productivity and maintain positive patient flow.
  • Communicated with clients about individualized pet health concerns and offer guidance on Hospitals Wellness Plan options, medications, and additional treatments.
  • Maintained relevant, comprehensive medical records with the support of practice systems, including hospitals database, PetWare, designed to obtain data for population research.
  • Obtained relevant health history and information from clients and maintain medical charts.
  • Utilized safe restraining techniques, follow standard protocols, and sustain clean, sterile, organized treatment areas, exam rooms, and labs.

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