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Managed 5 surgical patients, ensuring all clinic staff members are adhering to proper pre-and post-operative care of patients. Educated participants with all aspects of patient care and efficient/safe clinic practices. Work to prevent disease in animals and the spread of disease.

  • Examined animals pre-operatively to determine their ability to withstand surgery.
  • Inoculated animals and provide recommendations for follow-up care.
  • Supervised post-operative rechecks and order of medical treatments to ensure complete surgical recovery.
  • Obtained individual patient issues and provided appropriate solutions.
  • Articulated with Medical Director, to keep management apprised of all out of the ordinary situations.
  • Promoted the health and welfare of animals through client education and preventative medicine.
  • Handled and administered drugs accurately and following professional and health and safety guidelines. Dispose of any waste involved competently and swiftly and record all drugs administered to patients.
  • Provided suitable paperwork for animals traveling abroad, as well as inserting identification microchips.
  • Supported the Practice in its endeavors to improve and increase business through marketing, education, and self-improvement.

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Entry level

Educated communities on animal care and production, parasite control, and nutritional best practices. Provided exceptional care to owners by answering questions on animal health.

  • Diagnosed and treated various health issues, fractures, skin diseases, and digestive problems in dairy cattle and horses.
  • Advocated for optimal animal health by advising owners on the dietary needs of different animals accompanied by the recommended levels of exercise and daily activities.
  • Leveraged in-depth knowledge of various diseases in recognizing and recommending suitable treatment options for speedy animal recovery.

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Inspected pets, livestock, and horses collaborating with a team of 5 vets to treat a wide range of illnesses and perform complex surgeries. Advised pet owners on diet, production, immunization, and infection control. 

  • Organized weekly community vaccination clinics for pets, livestock, and horses, reducing animal deaths by 40% within 6 months.
  • Guaranteed commitment to the animal clinic by communicating with animal owners regarding upcoming clinics.
  • Boosted the community's milk production by 30% within 5 months through regular seminars on dairy best practices.

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Championed animal health and wellness through regular seminars with farmers and dedicated research on a wide range of animal diseases. 

  • Designed and implemented targeted training and educational programs that developed veterinary experts in various fields.
  • Led a high-performing veterinary medical team that educated various communities on all facets of pet and cattle health.
  • Guaranteed the safety of pets, owners, and team members during canine treatment by using safe restraining techniques.
  • Leveraged in-depth research in preparing weekly publications on animal health and wellness.

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