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Hotel manager

Entry level

Managed the operations involved in keeping up a four-star hotel and implemented policies and procedures for guests and staff to adhere to.

  • Welcomed guests and made accommodations for them.
  • Assigned various job duties to housekeeping staff.
  • Provided guests with information on food and recreation services.
  • Enforced rules for using hotel amenities.
  • Listened to complaints from guests and resolved problems.
  • Handled cash and credit payments from guests and provided receipts and refunds.
  • Reviewed hotel budget and made purchases and investments to enhance hotel facilities.
  • Provided and implemented ideas and concepts for attracting guests.

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Entry level

Delivered exceptional customer service at the front office by welcoming customers and making seating arrangements while providing attentive service all the time. Answered multiple phone lines and handed menus while maintaining a waitlist of patrons during busy meal service.

  • Greeted customers ranging from 20-40 daily at busy restaurant located downtown.
  • Managed all cash and credit transactions accurately and efficiently while utilizing a POS computer system for automated order taking.
  • Prepared seating arrangement and dining flow by constantly monitoring restaurant customer.

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Entry level

Transported passengers and cargo to a variety of destinations in most unfavorable terrain such as mountains, forests, deserts. Functioned as a pilot-in-command for an air transport agency, cargo, aerial supervision, and lead plane operations. Advised Regional Aviation Operations Manager/ Supervisory Pilot on technical matters.

  • Resolved complex organizational problems by creating organization-wide SOPs and safety policies.
  • Served as subject matter expert for all technical problems providing definitive technical guidance to contractors.
  • Performed routine systems inspection on single, twin-engine and multi-engine aircraft to confirm that aircraft is ready for flight operations according to prescribed preflight checks.

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Flight attendant

Flight attendant

Entry level

Greeted passengers while assisting passengers with seating ensuring all carry-on luggage and personal items are properly stowed in overhead or under-seat storage. Immediately responded to in-flight emergencies assisting passengers including administering emergency first aid and completing reports on any injuries/incidents complying with all FAA regulations, company safety, and security guidelines.

  • Provided instruction on safety- and emergency procedures by demonstrating the proper use of seatbelts, oxygen masks, and flotation devices.
  • Delivered in-flight food and beverage services, while managing all cash/credit transactions.
  • Participated in pre-flight briefings to discuss flight details, weather, and service plans.
  • Prepared aircraft between flights, ensuring cabin areas meet cleanliness standards.
  • Ensured food, beverages, and other supplies are on board and sufficiently stocked.

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Travel agent

Travel agent

Entry level

Helped clients in choosing the vacation packages while planning travel services including transportations and accommodations. Booked transportation and attractions and made hotel reservations while handling all cash transactions.

  • Utilized upselling and cross-selling techniques to sell itinerary tour packages.
  • Resolved travel issues, complaints, and refunds cordially and calmly manner ensuring customers are happy.
  • Participated in travel-related virtual training via recorded video, Facebook, and Zoom to remain updated.

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Bus driver

Bus driver

Entry level

Licensed public transportation operator responsible for transporting passengers to and from various destinations in an urban setting. Collaborated with transit staff to ensure that vehicle passed city inspection tests for brakes, doors, windows, headlights, seats, and fire safety.

  • Memorized scheduled routes and stops and changed routes when filling in for drivers unavailable to work.
  • Maintained vehicle by regularly changing tires and oil, cleaning interior and exterior, and contracting a mechanic for any engine repairs.
  • Enforced rules and guidelines for passengers boarding vehicle.
  • Reported to transit officials any incidents involving bus passengers, pedestrians, drivers, and road construction.

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Tour guide

Tour guide

Entry level

Certified tour guide responsible for showing visitors around and explaining the significance of various buildings and landmarks. Gives tours to children and their families.

  • Performed research to better understand different attractions and to relay information in a clear manner.
  • Greeted visitors and maintained a friendly disposition when answering questions about various sights of interest.
  • Organized seasonal tours to parks and recreation centers.
  • Enforced rules of safety and made accommodations for disabled visitors.
  • Checked regularly to ensure that children did not wander away from group.
  • Performed first aid and CPR and contacted police or paramedics in emergency situations.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples


Customer-focused, dependable professional with experience in delivering outstanding guest services. Passionate about achieving the highest levels of customer success and retention through resolving conflicts promptly and building positive relationships with guests. Proven track record for providing solutions to issues immediately and training team on upselling techniques and customer service skills.

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Confident, motivated, and detail-oriented airline pilot with relevant experience co-piloting personal plane flights alongside first in command colleague. Reactive and organized professional with excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and passion for providing optimal customer service before, during, and after flights. Collaborative navigator able to conduct pre-flight checks on operational equipment, aircraft controls, and fuel levels to ensure safe flights.

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Flight attendant

Attentive, communicative, and helpful flight attendant with 2 years’ experience assisting passengers while supporting colleagues on an international cabin crew. Supportive, efficient, and passenger-focused professional with excellent interpersonal skills, strong attention to detail, and ability to conduct engaging and informative safety demonstrations and presentations. Proactive problem solver with track record working to complete pre-flight operations in a timely manner.

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Travel agent

Detail-oriented and passionate professional with a love of travel and expertise in bridging history, cultures, and cuisine. Highly talented in maximizing profits through selling international and domestic travel packages while building strong relationships with clients to build referral and repeat business. Thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

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Bus driver

Attentive and reliable licensed public transportation operator with 6 years of experience in helping individuals get to and from their destinations on time. Follows city regulations carefully and works hard to ensure that passengers have a safe and comfortable experience using public transportation.

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Tour guide

Customer-centric professional and entrepreneur who loves to guide tourists and locals to explore the touring location entertainingly while ensuring the safety of the group. Expertise in effectively planning and leading trips and excursions while providing private as well as group tours.

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Objective examples


Self-motivated, professional, and flexible hostess eager to leverage dining area management experience and customer service skills to support an established restaurant with room for long-term growth and advancement. Dedicated service provider hoping to further advance multitasking skills and leadership competencies.

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Energetic, responsible, and professional pilot eager to broaden flight management experience by piloting passenger jets for a well-known airline company. Collaborative co-pilot looking for a change to learn new equipment and navigation controls.

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Flight attendant

Active, dedicated, and self-motivated flight attendant looking to leverage track record of overseeing passengers aboard flights and critical thinking skills towards building long-lasting relationships with pilots and staff at a company with room for long-term growth. Collaborative professional excited to work within a fast-paced environment.

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Travel agent

Certified Travel Agent with experience in advising clients on their travel needs while delivering exceptional customer service. Seeking to work in a fast-paced environment leveraging excellent communication and organizational skills with an eye for detail and ability to multi-task.

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Bus driver

Experienced Bus Driver who builds trusting relationships serving passengers with integrity and courtesy in stressful and demanding environments. Deep knowledge of FERPA policies and procedures as well as CPR and basic first aid.

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Tour guide

I am an energetic and passionate tour guide who loves to educate people on Texas music, history, and culture. I have extensive experience in working with diverse cultures and ages engaging them with intelligent discussions while always maintaining a fun and happy environment. I offer individual, group as well as group tours.

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