Hotel front desk

Hotel front desk
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Hotel front desk
Hotel front desk
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Hotel front desk


Greeted customers while performing check-in/check-out procedures for arriving guests utilizing manual and computerized methods ensuring guest satisfaction is an all-time high. Accurately calculated posts monies, receipts, and guest accounts using proper cash handling methods and established company procedures.

  • Answered all inbound calls and reserved accommodation by effectively communicating hotel rates and information.
  • Grew revenue by increasing occupancy by leveraging upselling techniques.
  • Handled cash transactions at the front desk ensuring compliance with hotel policies and state and federal regulations.

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Hotel front desk


Performed daily financial analysis, inventory checks, by auditing POS journals to break down revenue, servers’ fees, tips, paid out, and settlements by the cashier. Updated front office system revenue expenses and allowances to generate daily financial reports.

  • Created a customer-centric environment resulting in a memorable dining experience to propel customer satisfaction, retention, brand awareness, and loyalty.
  • Achieved 100% performance rating in all internal and external surveys.
  • Served as the first point of contact for resolving all issues concerning customer care and quality.
  • Grew customer base by delivering excellent communication skills, hospitality, and upselling techniques.
  • Collaborated with kitchen staff and other team members to ensure timely and accurate food preparation.
  • Worked with the management team to assist with the planning and coordination of events.

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Hotel front desk


Received and checked-in guests in the 400-room resort. Answered calls, responded to queries, took or confirmed reservations, and resolved complaints. Maintained a clean reception area and managed the cash register.

  • Upheld an over 95% customer satisfaction score, courtesy of a friendly attitude and exceptional customer service and problem-solving abilities.
  • Increased guest retention by 40% through the provision of personalized service, additional client loyalty perks, and up to date info on the fun activities around the city.

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Hotel front desk


Employed an advanced in-house hotel management system in maintaining a comprehensive record of all the hotel’s 300 rooms. Facilitated guest pick-ups and drop-offs, traveler’s checks cashing, and arrangement of rooms according to guest specifications. 

  • Increased returning guests’ rate by 30% by placing complimentary gifts such as flowers and wines for new guests.
  • Proactively networked with event organizers in the city, achieving 100% occupancy during high-profile events.
  • Assisted the marketing team with developing captivating brand marketing campaigns that increased local guest traffic by 40%.

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