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Tour guide
Tour guide
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Experience level

Tour guide

Entry level

Certified tour guide responsible for showing visitors around and explaining the significance of various buildings and landmarks. Gives tours to children and their families.

  • Performed research to better understand different attractions and to relay information in a clear manner.
  • Greeted visitors and maintained a friendly disposition when answering questions about various sights of interest.
  • Organized seasonal tours to parks and recreation centers.
  • Enforced rules of safety and made accommodations for disabled visitors.
  • Checked regularly to ensure that children did not wander away from group.
  • Performed first aid and CPR and contacted police or paramedics in emergency situations.

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Tour guide


Licensed and credentialed tour guide with knowledge of landmarks, museums, restaurants, streets, and other places of interest. Possesses class B license for driving and operating tour bus.

  • Provided information and insights to tourists and sightseers to entertain and pass on knowledge about areas of interest.
  • Organized and scheduled tours for different times of the day.
  • Answered questions related to attractions patiently and thoughtfully.
  • Scheduled tours inside of museums and facilities with permission of building managers.
  • Drove groups of tourists around in tour bus while describing streets and buildings over an intercom.
  • Made accommodations for elderly and disabled tourists.

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Tour guide


Organized and facilitated travel to multiple destinations including Europe, Asia, and North America. Partnered with local luxury concierge services to deliver guided tours for groups and individual travelers.

  • Delivered highly engaging conversations with tourists to communicate the history, building structures, local culture, wildlife, and economics of each area while facilitating tours to sites across the city.
  • Managed unforeseen circumstances by adjusting tours while effectively articulating with customers.
  • Promoted business on social media, colleges, and businesses, and local events.

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