Bus driver

Bus driver
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Bus driver
Bus driver
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Bus driver resume examples
Experience level

Bus driver


Provided transport services to the public school while performing routine duties of picking up and dropping off students at designated stops on scheduled timings. Transported students and faculty during special events such as field trips and sporting events adhering to all safety procedures such as stopping, operating stop signs, and flashing lights on the bus to alert traffic.

  • Perform pre-and post-trip inspections of the bus for safe operation while reporting findings of the inspection to the supervisor.
  • Enforce rules of conduct and report any disciplinary issues.
  • Evacuated students from a bus as trained in case of emergency.
  • Informed dispatch and passengers of possible delays or route changes.
  • Participated in all safety meetings and required training.

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Bus driver

Entry level

Licensed public transportation operator responsible for transporting passengers to and from various destinations in an urban setting. Collaborated with transit staff to ensure that vehicle passed city inspection tests for brakes, doors, windows, headlights, seats, and fire safety.

  • Memorized scheduled routes and stops and changed routes when filling in for drivers unavailable to work.
  • Maintained vehicle by regularly changing tires and oil, cleaning interior and exterior, and contracting a mechanic for any engine repairs.
  • Enforced rules and guidelines for passengers boarding vehicle.
  • Reported to transit officials any incidents involving bus passengers, pedestrians, drivers, and road construction.

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Bus driver


Delivered transportation services to all individuals, including persons with disabilities, in a safe and timely manner while operating and maintaining the transit vehicle assigned complying with all transit district policies and procedures and regulations.

  • Performed pre-operation safety inspections partnering with major vehicle servicing and repairs and communicating with Fleet Services Manager.
  • Conducted routine servicing of vehicles and fueling at local service stations.
  • Managed cleanliness of vehicle and maintained required passenger and vehicle records.
  • Operated wheelchair lifts, ramps, phones, and computers.
  • Helped customers who require special assistance and persons with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including the securement of mobility aids.
  • Successfully evacuated all passengers in an emergency situation.
  • Informed Lead Driver, Director of Rural Operations, and dispatch regarding route problems and traffic changes.

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