Flight attendant

Flight attendant
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Flight attendant
Flight attendant
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Experience level

Flight attendant

Entry level

Greeted passengers while assisting passengers with seating ensuring all carry-on luggage and personal items are properly stowed in overhead or under-seat storage. Immediately responded to in-flight emergencies assisting passengers including administering emergency first aid and completing reports on any injuries/incidents complying with all FAA regulations, company safety, and security guidelines.

  • Provided instruction on safety- and emergency procedures by demonstrating the proper use of seatbelts, oxygen masks, and flotation devices.
  • Delivered in-flight food and beverage services, while managing all cash/credit transactions.
  • Participated in pre-flight briefings to discuss flight details, weather, and service plans.
  • Prepared aircraft between flights, ensuring cabin areas meet cleanliness standards.
  • Ensured food, beverages, and other supplies are on board and sufficiently stocked.

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Flight attendant


Delivered safe travel experience and excellent cabin experience delivering friendly announcements, warm smiles, and top-notch hospitality all the time. Managed the security, safety, and comfort of customers from pre-boarding the aircraft until they arrive at their destination ensuring the smooth functioning of the business by accurately accounting for passengers and serving snacks and beverages with courtesy ensuring adherence to FAA and TSA regulations.

  • Received Outstanding Flight Award for dedication and commitment.
  • Promoted the sale and usage of products and services offered by the airlines.
  • Inspected the cabin, passengers, and facilities for safekeeping before, during, and after departure.
  • Increased luggage space through efficient stowing techniques.

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Flight attendant


Spearheaded pre-flight safety checks and monitored passengers while flying to maximize overall efficiency and minimize risk of delays or passenger issues. Leveraged critical thinking and relationship management skills.

  • Interacted with every passenger during pre-flight onboarding operations.
  • Partnered with colleagues to coordinate in-flight tasks and delegate responsibilities.
  • Created and delivered engaging safety demonstrations.
  • Communicated with pilots and airline security to identify risks and resolve issues in a timely fashion.

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Flight attendant


Designed and presented streamlined safety presentation to leadership for approval and implementation, thereby introducing passenger interaction and effectiveness.

  • Assessed existing outline for safety demonstrations and identified opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaborated with colleagues and airline staff to strategize revisions and impactful process additions.
  • Presented final result to leadership for approval and subsequent distribution to other flights and staff.

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Flight attendant


Oversaw preflight duties ensuring maintenance of emergency equipment, cleanliness of the cabin, and stocking of the aircraft and catering orders onboard while complying with Federal Air Regulations (FARs).

  • Performed emergency/service brief to each leg and ensures that the cabin is secure before taxi adhering with General Operations Manual, company policies, and procedures.
  • Provided the highest level of customer service to the owners/charter passengers.
  • Greeted all passengers confirming passenger manifest for accuracy.
  • Delivered a first-class environment by preparing meals tending to the needs of passengers and maintaining an orderly cabin.
  • Aligned company’s goals for safety, security, and quality compliance with Safety Management System (SMS) program and reporting.

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