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Physical therapy

Physical therapist

Entry level

Educated multiple patients on the safe use of home exercises to accelerate the healing process following sport-related injuries. Reviewed treatment plans before each session and ensured the safety of all machines and technical equipment.

  • Delivered therapeutic services to 30 athletes after injury occurrence, increasing the chances of returning to peak performance by 15% compared to traditional recovery methods.
  • Instructed patients in the effective use of weights, inclined surfaces, and pulleys, as well as helping them adapt to the use of canes, braces, crutches, and prosthetic devices.
  • Collaborated with 24 outpatient staff members to generate specialized treatment plans and deliver new therapeutic exercises, including the use of LED lights on injured tissues.
  • Received 97% positive feedback for maintaining a respectful demeanor with patients, listening to their concerns, and adapting treatment plans to their physical needs and personal requirements.
  • Provided high-quality care and educated affected patients on how to live successfully within the limits of their new physical capabilities.

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Physical therapist


Planned, evaluated, and administered programs of Physical Therapy upon referral by the physician. Conducted PT programs to restore function, prevent disability and help patients reach their maximum level of independence. Directed, supervised, and trained Physical Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapy Technician, students, and volunteers.

  • Interpreted appropriate data through reviewing the medical record, physician reports, and patient/family interaction and utilizes appropriate assistive and orthotic devices.
  • Re-evaluated patients as needed, modifying goals and treatment as patient's status changes.
  • Communicated patient's evaluation and subsequent progress to the physician, referral sources, and other clinical staff and coordinated patient's schedule, treatment programs, discharge planning, and recommend solutions to patient care problems.
  • Provided and documented patient and family education regarding deficits, progress toward goals, and therapeutic techniques, with individualized instruction for a home program including equipment use.
  • Offered personalized therapeutic exercise including testing and conditioning, neurotherapeutic approaches to improve strength, range of motion, and function, Soft tissue and manual therapy techniques; including massage, spinal and peripheral joint mobilization, and manipulation.

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Personal trainer

Personal trainer


Detail and customer-oriented position encompassing leadership and collaborative functions to provide the best quality of service to clients.

  • Offered one-on-one consultations with clients to develop a comprehensive profile which encompasses the client’s history, physical stats and fitness goals.
  • Developed training and nutrition plans tailored to meet the specific goals of each client.
  • On occasion, enlisted the expertise of nutritionists/dietitians to better understand curious cases and develop strategic regimens to help clients attain their goals.
  • Worked with other trainers within the establishment to develop a standardized customer service approach, resulting in an increased customer satisfaction and overall revenue.

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Fitness instructor


Instructed individuals using the best methods for maintaining high levels of fitness. Taught classes for all levels of fitness and adjusted exercise program to meet individuals’ needs.

  • Researched and implemented strategies for preventing injury when participating in high intensity workouts.
  • Created innovative exercise programs to encourage healthy habits and positive lifestyle changes.
  • Taught classes that incorporated a variety of body movements to target different muscle groups.
  • Utilized exercise equipment for workouts including hand-held weights, floor mats, and step platforms.
  • Consistently maintained a clean, sanitized, and organized fitness room.
  • Made accommodations for individuals with disabilities such as sign language interpretation and wheelchair accessibility.

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Soccer coach

Entry level

Worked with children ages 8-12 in coaching soccer teams for intramural sports organizations. Taught the basics in movement, balance, and coordination.

  • Assessed strengths and weaknesses of soccer players and assigned positions accordingly.
  • Conferred with team coaches on establishing successful practice drills and demonstrations.
  • Taught players how to effectively apply teamwork and good communication on the field.
  • Managed team rosters and performed head counts when traveling.
  • Performed evaluations of players and discussed with them athletic progresses and areas to work on.
  • Analyzed games and created plans for effectively utilizing players to defeat opponents.

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Basketball coach


Motivating position requiring sharp assessment and communication skills to identify and build on players’ strengths.

  • Meticulously assessed individual and team performance to develop training schemes that target shortcomings and improve performance.
  • Devised individual coaching sessions for players to build on their strengths, resulting in an overall improved team performance.
  • Emphasized safety awareness and delivered first aid training to players.
  • Organized friendly matches to build team spirit and promote healthy competition.

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Entry level

Collaborative position requiring close communication with other dieting and health staff to provide the best dieting plans for clients.

  • Offered consultations with clients to educate them on diet restrictions and plans.
  • Continuously research a variety of nutritional options to develop comprehensive and effective diet plans for clients.
  • Delivered nutrition and dieting workshops to educate people and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Collaborated with other dieting and health staff to provide the best dieting plans for clients.

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Challenging position requiring client relations and in-depth research skills to assess cleints’ history and develop personalized dieting plans that facilitate the attainment of health goals.

  • Worked with over 300 clients to deliver specialized diet and nutritional plans that help them lead healthier lifestyles.
  • Kept in contact with clients to track their progress and making adjustments when necessary to help them achieve their health goals.
  • Assessed clients’ history to identify risks and develop targeted dieting plans to intervene.
  • Offered client consultations to provide in-depth assessment and nutritional education.

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Yoga teacher

Yoga teacher


Motivating position requiring disciple and dedication to lead a class of students with varying experience levels.

  • Assessed and mentored beginners to develop their body and mind awareness and build physical strength.
  • Designed yoga lesson plans and demonstrated postures to students whilst ensuring their safety through the process.
  • Offered one-on-one teaching and consultation to promote their holistic wellbeing, maintain positive relationships and address any concerns.
  • Consistently monitored and guided students through poses to ensure safety and comfort during classes.

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Yoga teacher

Entry level

Taught yoga classes to help students improve posture, balance, and discipline. Implemented simple and effective techniques to encourage continuous practice of yoga.

  • Challenged students physically and mentally in maintaining strong posture and body positions.
  • Helped students with disabilities by including necessary studio accommodations.
  • Cleaned, washed, and sanitized yoga equipment and studio after extended use.
  • Participated in injury prevention seminars.
  • Instructed students in effective breathing and meditation practices.
  • Arranged classes to accommodate beginning, intermediate, and advanced practitioners.
  • Provided constructive advice to students on strength and flexibility building exercises.
  • Attended workshops to improve teaching capabilities.

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All job titles Athletic trainer Baseball coach Basketball coach Chiropractor Dietary aide Dietitian Fitness instructor Football coach Health coach Occupational therapist Personal trainer Physical therapist Soccer coach Yoga teacher

Objectives and summaries

Summary examples

Physical therapy

Highly skilled and compassionate Physiotherapist with 10 years of experience in restoring patients’ routine activities through massage techniques, heat treatments, therapeutic exercise programs, and other noninvasive techniques. Expertise in working with all age groups with a variety of conditions. Continually promote prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, disability while maintaining optimal functional independence and physical performance. Fosters teamwork, team member engagement, and community involvement.

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Personal trainer

Efficient, dedicated, and helpful personal trainer with experience working with clients one-on-one to provide tailored workout regiments. Supportive and proactive coach with excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence, and technical knowledge with proficiency spanning most traditional gym machines and equipment. Patient and collaborative problem solver able to motivate individuals.

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Motivated basketball coach offering over 6 years’ professional experience in coaching and leading high school basketball teams to success. Recognized for successful coaching approach in delivering personalized training and informative feedback to players to help increase their performance whilst cultivating an environment that is conducive to team work.

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Accomplished Dietitian with a record of success in developing effective individualized dieting plans for a diverse client with consideration for client’s history, dietary restrictions, and nutritional needs. Co-authored a scientific article on dieting and nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Yoga teacher

Compassionate and encouraging yoga teacher with knowledge and skills in meditation, self-discipline, patience, and communication. Dedicates time and attention to students to teach them how to combat grief, stress, anger, and anxiety using stretching and balancing exercises that improve posture and wellbeing.

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Objective examples

Physical therapy

An energetic PT with a deep interest in managing rehabilitation programs for individuals with disabilities and acute physical injuries. Looking to apply my skills in functional strength training to administer active and passive manual exercises to ensure the well-being of patients.

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Personal trainer

Self-motivated, empathetic, and energetic personal trainer looking to expand upon experience managing fitness plans to support more clients or partner with a reputable gym. Dedicated professional leveraging strong interpersonal skills and passion for physical fitness.

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Motivated basketball coach, recognized for consistently increasing teams’ performance and encouraging team spirit within players. Looking to use my expertise to help a dedicated team start its winning streak by effectively utilizing each player’s strengths.

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Client-focused Dietitian adept at developing personalized dieting plans and tracking client’s progress to make adjustment when necessary to attain be best result. Looking to secure a position within a client-focused establishment aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyles in clients.

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Yoga teacher

Attentive and dedicated yoga instructor with 6 years of experience in guiding clients through meditative practices looking for opportunity to help individuals develop strength in both body and mind.

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